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How Does The Stone Care Industry Produce Self-help After The Epidemic

How does the stone care industry produce self-help after the epidemic?

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the entire world is at a critical juncture. The upstream and downstream construction of the domestic stone industry is not high, and the export business is greatly affected. The decoration and real estate rebuilding projects are in the back, and the construction of shopping malls and hotels is insufficient. These factors have led to few new construction projects in the stone care industry. It takes time.


In short: great pressure!


This epidemic has given us a wake-up call, let us feel the cold winter of the market in advance.


Why is it earlier? Not suddenly?


1. There is a bifurcated road ahead: one towards the blossoming clusters and one towards the cold winter of the market.


In the past, public facilities, water conservancy, environment, transportation, and power supply were the main areas of national infrastructure investment. The high-speed rail, airport, and subway have created a large number of incremental markets for us.


Now, the country is using the strength of the whole country to develop new infrastructure. What is the new infrastructure? The new infrastructure is the construction of digital infrastructure around the future digital production and life and business innovation. The point of explanation is: 5G, big data, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, UHV…


At the same time, no matter how the development trend changes, there are two ongoing policy directions that will not change:


1. Restrain real estate;


2. Vigorously advocate clean production and actively promote the circular economy.


Mo Yan has a famous saying: "A dust of the times, falling on a person's head is a mountain."


Inhibiting real estate, the incremental market is decreasing; cleaner production, a large number of mines have been shut down; coupled with the epidemic, stone care workers are now three big mountains above their heads!


We are already in a huge crisis. If the crisis comes true, it is not just about making less and earning less.


2. Can you live on stone for life?


The market demand is declining, but more and more people are engaged; the industry's homogenization competition is serious, and the profit space is severely squeezed.


What is the status quo?


In order to grab the low price in the market, to reduce the cost and reduce the process, use cheap materials. When something goes wrong, the stone factory, the decoration company, and the stone caregiver blame each other and dump the pot. When you say his fault, he says your fault, everyone feels right.


However, all kinds of pollution lesions such as stone back to alkali, rust yellow, water spots, and fast loss of light, not wear-resistant, and difficult to take care of the facts exist. Does this pot allow customers to carry it themselves?


Why do customers carry this pot?


The picture shows the use of stone for high-end grades. After using it, I found that both ends of the three days need to be maintained. No water, no oil adhesion, and no pollution or discoloration or corrosion here. I won’t deal with it myself. Ask someone to maintain a small stone countertop. It's hundreds or thousands. Where is this stone used? This is an ancestor.


Since stone is so troublesome, can't it be used?


Technology is advancing. There are many choices on the market for concrete materials, resin-bonded materials, clay products, metal materials, new materials, etc. The appearance, price, and performance are not inferior to stone. Some imitation stone materials are almost fake and genuine in texture and color, and are cheaper and easier to manage than stone.

Recycled plastic bricks

Concrete facade

Aerogel plaster

"Without the skin, will Mao be attached?"


When customers no longer choose stone and avoid stone, will our existence still make sense at that time?


3. How to make customers trust stone


Let the stone work worry-free, customers can rest assured to use stone!


How can you worry? Beautiful, long-lasting, non-slip, wear-resistant; no need to worry about pollution and lesions; long maintenance period and daily care. The pollution fell on the stone, and the towel was wiped clean; there is no need to worry about returning to alkali and water spots; once the home decoration is done, it can be managed for one or two years; the mall hotel originally had to be maintained once a week, extending him to once in January and January. Once extended to three months…


In summary, the use of high-standard, high-quality construction to enhance the decorative and practicality of stone, make stone more usable and more durable, will customers not use stone?


How to achieve the purpose of "let stone worry"? Answer: Use technology!


1. Stone hardening technology:


Improve the hardness of the stone, fill the micro-cracks and capillary holes on the surface of the stone to make the stone more dense and wear-resistant. It can improve the quality of grinding and help the stone shine.

2. Stone protection technology:


Reduce the water absorption rate of the stone, improve the stain resistance of the stone, prevent the disease and pollution of the stone. Here is recommended the stock solution of water-based protective agent, fluorine protective agent and quick-drying protective agent.


Stock solution of water-based protective agent: added to the grinding water, while grinding to play a protective effect.


Fluorine protective agent: contains inert ingredients, is by far the best protective effect of penetration type protective agent.


Quick-drying protective agent: No requirement for the wet and dry of the stone. Spray and dry to achieve the protective effect and save construction time.

Stone protection

3. Physical grinding technology:


Abandon the resin to fill out the light and chemical polishing, and through pure step-by-step grinding, the minerals of the stone exhibit ultra-high physical gloss.

Technical comparison

Physical grinding and polishing technology

Market general grinding technology

Light emitting principle

Relying on high-quality artificial diamond abrasive particles, the minerals on the surface of the stone are directly optimized to be delicate and bright.

Fill the micro pores on the surface of the stone through the mold release of the resin to form a resin bright film to emit light


85~100 degrees

50~85 degrees


Clear, hydrated, no glare

When it is polished to high light, it will appear dizzy and glare


Stone's own hardness, hard and wear-resistant

Resin film layer is not resistant to stepping, easy to decay

Decay period

In the absence of personnel trample, the physical true light of the stone can be maintained for 3 to 5 years, or even more than 8 to 10 years.

Without people stepping on it, it will lose its light within two or three months indoors, and it will completely lose its light in one month in outdoor environments.

Technical comparison

4. Stone sealing glaze technology:


The stone surface is evenly coated with a hard, dense and bright glass texture glaze layer. Neutral material, no irritating odor, zero damage to stone. Long-term use of anti-skid and stepping.

Sealing technology

Crystallization technology


Physical polishing technology:

The unique nano-SiO2 component fills the micro-cracked pores on the stone surface by mechanical grinding and polishing, and polishes the glass texture surface gloss.

Chemical polishing technology:

With acidic materials such as "oxalic acid and magnesium fluorosilicate", it reacts with the calcium component on the surface of the stone to form a calcium crystal layer.

Scope of application

All general hard decorative materials.

Such as: marble, limestone, granite, artificial stone, jade, quartz stone, microcrystalline stone, cured floor, floor tiles, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, wooden floors and other hard decorative materials.

Only suitable for materials with high calcium content.

Such as: marble, limestone, and some artificial stones.

Cannot be used on granite, jade, quartz stone, microcrystalline stone.

skills requirement

Easy to learn, the stone is brighter and brighter.

Crystallization technology has the problem of "gloss critical point", which requires high level of workers' operation skills.

Long-term use effect

No damage to the stone, long-term use can make the stone waterproof, anti-fouling, non-slip, bright and wear-resistant.

Excessive use will produce "orange peel phenomenon", and long-term crystallization will cause irreversible damage such as lightening, loss of gloss and loss of color of the stone. Regular refurbishment is required and costs increase.


Glass texture, hard and wear-resistant silicide.

Calcified ingredients, low hardness and easy to scratch.


The high-density enamel layer is almost the same as the glass composition and is not easily soluble in water. High abrasion resistance and high weather resistance, even in the case of foot traffic and water erosion, it can still persist for a long time.

The crystalline layer is mainly composed of calcified components and is easily dissolved by water. Therefore, although the effect of stone crystallization is beautiful, the brightness decreases rapidly and requires frequent maintenance.


Thick and lustrous, Ambilight

The gloss is dry and not moist enough


A touch of aromatic flavor

Strong pungent smell

Environmental requirements

The glazing material can be in direct contact with the skin. When used, it is polished with a scouring pad. The pad can be reused after cleaning, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection.

The crystalline material is irritating to the skin. Use scouring pads and steel wool to polish, and the material cannot be reused.

At the same time causing waste of resources, poor processing will also contaminate the material being processed.

Maintenance cycle

3 times of crystallization

One-third of the glaze

Technical comparison

5. Grinding polishing pad + water milling partner: in the process of daily cleaning with the scrubber, it also achieves the purpose of protection and polishing.

The scrubber can also polish

Speaking of which, it is impossible to get around an eternal topic: cost!


Fourth, the cost of stone care


Customer demand: high quality and low price.


Our demands: low cost and high price.


"It's all about eating, the customer has given a little money, to do so well, not to lose money?"


The purpose of technology launch is to create value, not to make us spend more. The research and development of new technology is to improve the quality and construction efficiency.


1. Increase efficiency and reduce construction cost:


①Using high-tech, intelligent tools and instruments: such as special-shaped polishing system, glaze high-throwing machine, etc., in the past, small machines were used to throw one or two hundred squares a day, but now single people throw 500, 800, one Qianduoping. Can improve the polishing efficiency by more than 3 to 5 times.

②Three-step grinding: In the past, it was necessary to grind stone No.7 and No.5, but now grinding No.3 and throwing crystalline powder again can achieve very good results, which greatly saves time and cost.


③Extend the maintenance cycle with advanced technology: the time for one-time maintenance can be compared with the time for others to maintain three times, which indirectly reduces the cost.


④ Popularize technology promotion: If there are many people who can work, the average salary will drop; if the employees have high technical level, the work efficiency will be high, and the cost will naturally fall.


2. High quality corresponds to high price:


Differentiate competition to create three engineering standards: qualified, high-quality, high-quality, different standards to create different price points and different qualities, process transparency, and results visualization, so that customers have a bottom-line mind about quality and choose peace of mind!


"High price, high quality" is our eternal pursuit of stone care people. Compared with price, customers care more about quality! To allow customers to take the initiative to give us high prices, we also provide high-quality user experience to customers. It is a win-win thing to let the stone worry.


5. The future of stone care


Earlier we said that the country strictly adheres to environmental protection, and many mines are shut down. After all, stone is a non-renewable resource. Now mining is restricted and prices will inevitably rise all the way. The application of stone in the future will tend to two directions:


1. Used for basic construction

Such as roads, subways, high-speed rail stations, airports, etc.; after all, outdoor decoration materials, no more suitable than stone. Moreover, the country has already applied a large amount of stone in the initial infrastructure projects, and it is impossible to replace it in a short time.


2. Continue to take the luxury route

Such as high-end home furnishing, decorative design, landscape art, etc. People who use stone in the future are rich. They are willing to spend money and have very high requirements for quality. This group of people is our main service target.

In the future, technology is the thing that needs the most attention and mastery, and the thing that needs the longest effort to study and research.


In the future, the stone care industry will inevitably complete the transition from "low-price competition" to "win with quality" by upgrading the process level and promoting technological upgrade iterations, and will completely move towards the "high standard, high-quality, professional" line.


6. Difficulties in technology popularization


We found that some people are always rejecting new technologies. After investigation, there are probably the following reasons:


1. Employees do not want to learn


Learning new technology is difficult at the beginning. This is because people have inertia and no one wants to change. The old technology is used to taking advantage of it, and suddenly let the new technology be changed, and it will be slow if you are not skilled to work, so you start to resist in your heart.


2. The boss dare not try it easily


I haven’t used it and I don’t know the effect.


3. Cost saving


I always think that new technologies are considered high prices and I worry about spending more money.


"Ride the boat against the current, and retreat if you don't move forward." This is true for study, life and entrepreneurship. When peers have mastered new technologies, does this industry still have a foothold?

Each new process is as simple as possible. But no matter how simple it is, it is impossible not to learn it. After all, if the technology is so simple to master, customers will do it themselves. Do we still need us?


7. Sink down and accumulate


The spread of the epidemic has caused many people to lose their jobs. Tourism, catering, theaters and other industries have suffered terribly, and small businesses and small businesses have fallen one after another. This is a disaster, but also an opportunity for us, who have been forced to idle, to have time to settle down and think about where we are going in the future.


This is a good time for self-improvement. At this time, you may wish to delve into more techniques and try all the techniques that have not been tried before. Take part in some live webcasts to learn about the new technologies and concepts in our industry, and pay attention to the urgent needs of our customers. Lay a solid foundation and accumulate strength for career development and breakthroughs after the epidemic.


With a sense of crisis, continuously absorbing knowledge, strengthening skills, and expanding contacts are the best ways to enhance your own strength and competitiveness. The continuous accumulation of advantages will make it easier to gain the favor of opportunities.