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How to Choose the Best Artificial Marble Slabs?

artificial marble slabs is a synthetic high-grade interior decoration materials.

artificial marble slabs in the interior decoration is more often seen in the window sill plate and kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, etc., its performance is stable, relatively inexpensive, more and more popular with the public. artificial marble slabs due to different raw materials, but also divided into many types, then artificial marble slabs in the end how to choose?

artificial marble slabs

Advantages of artificial marble slabs

1, solid and wear-resistant. artificial marble slabs is more stable than general natural marble, no holes on the surface, no cracks inside, sturdy and wear-resistant, impact resistance, not easy to crumble off the corner.

2, pattern and hue variety. artificial marble slabs colour is varied, bright colour. artificial marble slabs in the manufacturing process can add mosaic, shell, glass and other materials as embellishments to increase the artistic and decorative effect. The market has a lot of artificial marble slabs imitation natural marble pattern, can be done only exquisite, real and fake difficult to distinguish.

3, small colour difference. In shopping malls, hotel lobbies, airports and other large areas of decoration, a large number of stones need to be used. The natural marble is subject to mining restrictions, different origins, different batches will have a colour difference. artificial marble slabs does not have such a problem. The same product is even, uniform colour, good overall decorative effect, suitable for large-area paving.

4, good overall. Many households with long windows, need to use longer stone panels. Most of the marble internal dark cracks, if the production length of larger plates, not only the process is more difficult, and in the transport and installation process are very easy to break. And artificial marble slabs is good overall, relatively not easy to break.

artificial marble slabs

How to choose the right artificial marble slabs?

1. choose from the performance. Kitchen countertops need to be resistant to high temperature, oil and dirt, and stain resistance. Try not to choose ordinary artificial marble slabs, you can choose artificial quartz stone and acrylic artificial marble slabs. Acrylic artificial marble slabs cost is higher than quartz stone artificial marble slabs, performance is also stronger than quartz stone artificial marble slabs. But acrylic artificial marble slabs is expensive, usually used in luxury clubs, high-end hotels and other places. Quartz stone artificial marble slabs completely meet the needs of the kitchen countertops, according to their own budget reasonable arrangements. Bathroom sink countertop and window sill countertop without special requirements.

2. choose from the colour. Kitchen countertops try not to choose light-coloured artificial marble slabs.

Bathroom sink countertops can use ordinary artificial marble slabs imitation marble colour, pattern appears more natural and high-grade. Window sill plate can be based on the interior design colour matching, to achieve harmony and natural can be.

3. from the quality of choice. From the appearance, high quality artificial marble slabs surface delicate and smooth, natural and smooth feel, bright colour. Low-quality artificial marble slabs feel rough, the surface of the oil is not enough, from the side cut surface, the particles are arranged loosely, not close.

Cognitive misconception 1: artificial marble slabs radiation, harmful to the human body?

Many people say that natural marble contains radioactive elements, etc., and artificial marble slabs is processed from natural marble scraps, so it is also harmful to the human body. First, containing excessive radiation, harmful to the human body marble is not possible to be used for processing production as a decorative material. Second, if you want to be serious, then the natural radiation is everywhere, even sunlight, mobile phones, chargers, towers, etc. contain radiation, compared to the artificial marble slabs in the radiation is negligible, the human body will not produce harm.

artificial marble slabs

Cognitive misunderstanding 2: artificial marble slabs contains formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a glue will certainly contain substances, and crushed stone powder glued together naturally need glue, so contains artificial marble version of formaldehyde is inevitable. But: First, the main component of artificial marble slabs is crushed stone powder, containing glue is not much, so the formaldehyde content is negligible. Secondly, formaldehyde release process, formaldehyde in wood materials are more likely to be released into the air, and artificial marble slabs moulding is to be cured, curing almost does not release formaldehyde.