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In 2017, The Stone Market Was Welcomed By Wood Marble

In 2017, the stone market was welcomed by wood marble (marble tiles)

Today more and more people to pursue a simple nature, there is no shortage of leisure in modern decoration style, magnificent luxury ambition is no longer the only choice. The natural textures and simple colors of the wood stone make the pursuit easier and faster, whether it is used on the ground wall or as a table panel. In the stone industry, after cutting, the stone with wood like texture can be called wood stone. Through the exploration and excavation of stone people, more and more varieties of wood stone appear in our view. Today is a brief introduction to some of the current popular grain stones.

Said wood stone would have to mention our China Guizhou grain, they have a more straight lines and elegant grey, white and grey wood grain the main difference is the different shades of grey, while Athens is the partial yellow wood color. As domestic wood grain stone, whether it is used for home improvement or large projects, Guizhou wood grain is a cost-effective choice.

Obama – a grain of imported grain stone, with elegant coffee color and high gloss, high-end atmosphere decorative effect is not at all inferior than yellow marble.

Italy wood – if you want wood stone smooth lines and do not want to abandon the beige marble brings warm and elegant effect, this is a very good choice.

French grain – fine sandy sandstone, pale beige color, light gray texture, delicate rustic effect.

Ancient wood – a domestic black wood stone, his wood texture prominent, but his lines are wild, mostly wavy twill, very personality.

– black wood with black wood stone, wood and his lines than more stable atmosphere.

Crystal – crystal grain material, light blue grey, noble and elegant decorative effect.

Everyone to avoid visual fatigue, wood is introduced here. A digression, wood stone is a "twin brother", his appearance depends on a block processing cutting, slitting is if the wood texture, then cutting may get cloud veins, or similar ring pattern. It is better to say that it is magic than the wisdom and experience of the stone man, so that the stone resources given to us by nature have been fully presented and applied reasonably.