Outdoor Travertine Tile Care

The beauty of travertine

Travertine, as its name implies, is a porous rock whose main component is calcium carbonate. Since calcium carbonate is easily dissolved and eroded by water, natural irregular holes are formed on the surface of the travertine. The color of the travertine is mostly beige, the texture is rich, the stripes are clear, and the feeling is warm and peaceful. It often gives the building a sense of history and unique cultural charm. For example, the representative building of the Roman civilization: the Colosseum, is the classic of the travertine.

Origin: Italy

Feature Description: The background color is similar to ivory, the lines are straight and the holes are thin.

Physical properties: bulk density 2.48 g/cm3, water absorption rate 0.9%, dry compressive strength 53 mPa, dry bending strength 6.8 mPa.

Scope of application: Suitable for indoor and outdoor walls.

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