About Stone Market Transformation O2O Mode Exploration Time: 2016-10-23 Author: Stone Trading Network Source: Internet

About stone market transformation O2O mode exploration time: 2016-10-23 Author: Stone trading network source: Internet

According to different stages of development, stone market can be divided into different versions.

The earliest stone market, set storage, sales, processing in one, the advantages of convenient management and operation, the drawback is dust, noise pollution seriously.

To the present, the most mainstream stone market is to peel off the processing links, both now big board supermarket, shopping environment better, but the disadvantage is no scene experience, consumers do not know the decoration effect after seeing.

Now walking in the forefront, that is, some enterprises do stone experience shop, the disadvantage is not scale. At present, many cities are planning or have implemented, the early market relocation, including Beijing's Western Union and so on, the traditional stone market transformation imminent.

How to transition, the most important thing is to sell channels in transition, while the O2O model is a breakthrough. In recent years, home building materials electricity supplier market booming, huge market space. Traditional electricity supplier B2C model can not solve the situation of home building materials products experience, as well as the last mile of service problems, resulting in impossible to clinch a deal or refund rate higher. Home building materials products development, electricity providers, online and offline combination is inevitable, and this is what is called the "stone O2O electronic mall" model.

O2O let the Internet become a front line deal to provide rich, comprehensive and timely information through online commodity businesses, helping consumers to query control, rapid screening and suitable for ordering goods or services; the line through situational experience get relief services. This model can also help businesses to reduce dependence on the location of the shop, reducing rental costs.

At present, the whole environment provides us with a good opportunity to do electricity supplier. From the perspective of product management, the market is in a confused state of competition, manufacturers and merchants sales and profits are increasingly thin stone products; from the point of view, the domestic brands of miscellaneous quality, price confusion, uneven in quality, an urgent need to ensure the quality of products and services to the shopping platform. O2O model can do, let us wait and see.

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