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What are the technical requirements for marble?

Due to the difference in application of natural marble, its industrial technical requirements have different focuses. The main requirements of natural marble blocks The blocks must have the shape of a right-angled parallelepiped. The size of the block requires a length greater than or equal to 100 cm, a width greater than or equal to 50 cm, and a height greater than or equal to 70 cm. Appearance quality requirements should be basically the same for the color tone pattern of the same batch of blocks; the appearance quality grades such as corners, ribs and cracks of the blocks should meet the requirements of Table 4.25.6. Physical performance requirements: bulk density is not less than 2.6g/cm3; water absorption is not more than 0.75%; dry compressive strength is not less than 20MPa; bending strength is not less than 7.0MPa.