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Xiamen Port Ranks The First Stone Import In China, The Value Of Marble Increases

Xiamen port ranks the first stone import in China, the value of marble increases

Reporter learned from the Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in 2017 the first three quarters of the total acceptance inspection of imported marble 11636 batches, weighing 3 million 559 thousand and 100 tons, the value of $629 million, an increase of 35.90%, 35.09% and 45.95% respectively. The value of marble increased by nearly 50%, showing a rapid growth trend, the largest proportion in the import of stone, Xiamen port ranked first in the country imports of stone.


According to the inspection and quarantine personnel, Xiamen imported marble mainly from Turkey and Italy. Turkey is the largest country in Xiamen stone imports, marble is the main varieties of imports, the first three quarters of total imports of 5473 batch, weighing 2 million 6 thousand and 800 tons, the value of $361 million, an increase of 35.10%, 29.27% and 37.26% respectively, exports accounted for 57.39% of all imported marble in Xiamen; Italy is Xiamen imported marble amount of the second countries, the value of 73 million 540 thousand and 200 dollars, an increase of 72.21%; followed by Egypt, Iran and greece.


It is reported that, stone imports in order to better serve the high-speed growth, accelerate the speed of pass inspection, inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Xiamen to optimize the inspection process, and vigorously promote the Customs seized three a "one-stop" inspection ", explore the bulk cargo shipment of marble, the implementation of the" pre inspection and Quarantine "mode, in order to reduce logistics the cost, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of ports. At the same time, we should strengthen the supervision after the event, establish epidemic risk monitoring, supervision and spot check, quality traceability supervision system, ensure the safety of the country and promote trade facilitation in the rapid pass.