25 Kinds Of Ash For Marble Tiles

The advanced gray that is at the forefront of fashion is not only favored by the design circle but also enjoys a good reputation in the stone and tile industry. Why are gray textures so popular? Because of it:

Rich in layers

Dark gray, light gray, silver-gray, beige gray, French gray, grandma gray … The nuances of gray can bring a completely different feeling. Multiple levels of gray to meet your different decoration needs. The international universal gray series 50 color swatches tell you how colorful gray is. ↓

Wide range of applications

Whether it is a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or balcony, whether it is simple, light luxury, nordic or industrial, whether it is used as a background wall, wave line, waistline or skirting line, in various spaces, In style and matching applications, the gray system is almost always an error-free choice.

The high-level gray texture has set off a "grey mainstream" in the tile industry. The following most popular gray tone marble textures should be recognized by those who sell bricks:

French wood grain gray

With gray as the background color and fine snow texture mixed with white snow in the middle, the French wood grain gray perfectly blooms the warmth of wood and the connotation of gray.

Undo Grey

A large area of gray is used as the base, with white and brown lines as the embellishment. The layers are clear, rough and not messy.

Castle Grey

As a warm gray series marble, the gray color of the castle is dark yellow and close to gray. It has lightning-like gold grains evenly distributed and has a simple and elegant appearance, which can replace the beige series products.


With gray as the background color and white and yellow embellishment, the gray and white texture blends naturally, just like the clouds on the horizon.

Jazz white

The gray and white background has a special landscape pattern, which is vividly loved by many architects.

Passo Grey

The original stone has a great origin, and the texture is naturally soft and rustic, which is loved by modern young people.

Silver marten

The irregular natural undulating texture changes between gray and white, which is very beautiful.

Italian beige

Based on white, the shades of gray are distributed in different shades, and the texture is like the texture of a thousand-year-old stone. The sense of vicissitudes of history is particularly prominent.

Carmen Grey

Carmen's gray is relatively light gray and whiter. Light gray is mixed with pure white lines, although the texture is irregular but not exaggerated.

Saint Laurent

There are two kinds of products: random pattern and straight pattern, dark gray background with fine white lines evenly distributed; the other is a dark gray background with slightly thick white lines, with some golden yellow and less red patterns.

Brown Grey

The flow pattern is vortex water, with heavy texture and clear and natural texture.

Nebula Grey

The texture of the distribution is uneven, and a few white fish belly is entrained in the fog gray, showing a large but not flamboyant feature.

Silver grey hole

The gray texture and the border with black show a primitive life color.

Earl Grey

With undulating texture and bright color.

Mayan Grey (Aegean Grey)

It is a kind of gray marble, with delicate materials, good luminosity, and clear lines, but the color lines are unstable.

Roman Grey

It is a silver-grey mesh marble, similar to the light brown texture, and its texture is hard, fine and elegant.

Sicilian Grey

Its origin is in Turkey. Gray with very pure white supplemented with embellishment, the layers are clear, crystal clear, wild but not messy.

Iceland Grey

The color is steady and deep, and the fine lines of fine lines permeate the rhythm of stone patterns, which is modern and fashionable.

Persian Grey

The tone is soft and elegant, crystal clear, smooth and natural stone muscle texture, and the structure is rich in color.

Wave Grey

On the deep gray ground, the ridges and grooves of varying depths and depths, like the waves, have experienced the changing feelings of the sea.

Galaxy Grey

The texture is delicate and natural, and gray and white are combined to form a galaxy-like picture.

Angola grey

A type of granite with gray background and texture, which has a strong overall transparency.


The more distinctive marble color is like the overturned paint plate, which has a great color tension.

Royal Grey (Amber Grey)

The background color is brown, with irregular lines and granular spots distributed on it.

Low hardness, high water absorption, low anti-fouling performance, cracks and color differences are all fatal shortcomings of natural stone. Ceramic tile manufacturers rely on advanced technology to achieve blue stone better than blue

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