Glossary Of Stone: Stone Stone Skirting Line Dado Paneling

Glossary of stone: stone stone skirting line dado paneling

Release time: 2017-09-12 Author: China Stone Network

What is the dado?

Called dado, very intuitive, popular to say that the facade wall around like a skirt. This method of decoration is in the surrounding wall, from the ground to a certain height within the scope of all materials used to cover, you can paint, wood, aluminum, stone and so on.

The role of dado:

Dado can decorate the interior space. The dado and other wall texture, color is different, so it can make the wall is divided into upper and lower two parts, if the height is too large, you can do Qiangqun effective disconnection of sight, plus wood materials to give people a warm fluffy feeling, this design will reduce the open space feeling high therefore, the effect of dado is excellent for spatial segmentation.

In addition has a certain decorative purposes, also has a solid wall to avoid bodily activities due to friction dirty or scratches. Therefore, in the selection of materials, often used in the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, scrub and other aspects of the material better than the original wall.

The height of dado is how much?

Decorative dado height how many standard? In general can be 1.5 meters height. This high definition mainly from Europe and the United States is also the basic standard, because the dado from Europe and the United States national decoration, their rooms are generally more tall, but our country is now building height not more than three meters, if you do will make a high dado room is small, crowded, depressed, so should pay attention to in height.

What is the panel?

Wall decorative board commonly used stone and wood as a substrate. Decorative wall plates with antimoth, safe use, decorative effect is obvious, has the advantages of convenient maintenance etc.. It can replace the dado, and can replace the wallpaper, wall tiles and wall materials, so it is widely used.

Panel substrate are high-grade marble or wood. Popular with all kinds of marble beige, white stone. Solid wood products such as imitation stick wood, ash, teak, oak, walnut, pear, cherry and other patterns.

Dado effect:

1. abrasion resistance, impact resistance

Panel has high compressive strength and flexural strength, is the product of latex paint upgrade. Wear resistance, resistance to damage is much better than common paint and wallpaper, if there is a child at home is more appropriate. Home TV background, sofa background, restaurant background and bedside background, etc., can better protect the wall, more hang or paste decorative paintings and warm photos.

2. noise reduction, promote the quality of sleep

Panel by the national authoritative department detection noise of 29 dB, equivalent to half of the wall of the sound, such as the bedroom toilet sewer pipe can be a good sound-absorbing acoustic. The wall creates a perfect diffuse reflection of sound, effective buffer bass impact, good absorption of material itself and the sound of bad sharp wave, thus forming a perfect three level noise reduction function in space, greatly enhance the quality of life in 1/3 when sleep.

3. warm in winter and cool in summer

Marble wainscoting is a poor conductor, the panel room will be warm in winter and cool in summer, so the castle and palace in Europe has a history of hundreds of years, clapboard everywhere, high-grade decoration must choose. By the national authorities to detect, insulation performance exceeds the existing standards of the country, installation room and ordinary board installation room temperature difference of 7 degrees; and paint compared to 10 degrees difference, to achieve significant energy saving effect.

4. environmental health

Marble material, natural environmental protection, installation and tasteless. Room decoration as a whole, there will be no paint this process, to solve the problem of decoration materials and paint for a long time.

5. grade, grade

Panel initially for hundreds of years ago the European castle and the Palace first use, today more panels are widely used in high-grade villas and five star hotel, wainscoting give classical culture art essence is the pursuit of high-end high-end lifestyle and enjoy the first choice.

Panel modeling

What is the baseboard?

Tijiaxian, as the name suggests is to kick the wall area, so are more susceptible to shock. Baseboard can better make the wall and the ground between the solid, reduce wall deformation, to avoid external collision damage.

The main function of:

Of resistance dirt, easy to clean, easy to clean.

The convenient tiles shut, greatly reduce the construction difficulty

The decoration, increased sense of hierarchy

Baseboard have stone skirting board, wood baseboard, ceramic baseboard, glass baseboard, stainless steel baseboard, PVC baseboard.

Stone skirting line is generally divided into marble and artificial stone, marble, high grade, high cost and artificial stone; the price is low, but not as good as natural marble texture. Stone skirting line decoration effect very good, use in the living room is very atmospheric, concise; stone skirting line moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, and other effects are very strong in the care and maintenance is very convenient; the natural stone rich colors, from light coloured to dark, white and black color such as beige color, variety.

Stone skirting line of high-end atmosphere, not only good decorative effect, waterproof nondeforming easy to clean, durable and strong, generally applicable to ceramic tile or marble floor.

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