Marble Curing Method

Marble curing method

Release time: 2017-09-06 Author: China Stone Network 

With "marble will have the widespread view of radiation" by CCTV with the authority of the data is confirmed It is sheer fiction. rumor, decorative marble Revolution ushered in a new development opportunity. In daily life, more and more consumers no longer focus on home improvement materials such as granite, ceramic tile, but turn to focus on marble.


Natural marble for interior decoration, always highlight the extraordinary aura, highlights in the design to show the elegant and graceful.


Natural marble pattern exquisite and delicate, natural color has special style, by the majority of the high-end market is not sticking to formalities, approval, not stone trench concepts. So it's just a small sink, and we can see the figure of marble.


In fact, natural marble radioactive is very low, will not cause harm to human body, and is not easy to be corroded by oil pollution, easy cleaning.


Natural marble basin and mesa, although in the vision is a kind of enjoyment, but long-term exposure to water environment, life will bring to the stone pollution, lesions and many other issues, in what way is the daily maintenance method effective?


First wash Taiwan stone selection is the key, should try to choose "no crack crack, dark Ming seamless, high intensity and hardness, low water absorption rate of the stone". Stone, sandstone, fragile marble, try not to use in the sink.


The installation should pay attention to four points: rust, strengthen support, good healing, pay attention to protection.


Finally, daily maintenance from the following aspects:


, 1 door have time


Protective agent is not a panacea, but do not wash Taiwan brush protective agent is absolutely not. Even if a good protective agent, long-term exposure to hot water, lye (soap), a variety of bath materials damage, will appear the effect of decline.


General, sustainable time effect sink protection achieve about 1 years or so, 2 years will have different degrees of pollution and disease. Therefore, protection is not once and for all, should be regularly brush brush protection.


2, brush protection, also can do it yourself


Bathroom wash Taiwan small, do not need professional stone care construction company. Recommended with "stone add care agent", brushing. The price is not expensive. It can be cleaned with small cloth. It can also play the role of cleaning, protecting and polishing at the same time. It is very convenient.


3, long time to prevent water retention


After use, should put the water in the basin is empty, will wipe up the water on the table. This habit can keep the stone surface clean and reduce pollution.


4, acid resistant material


Vinegar, acid and alkali, toilet cleaners, disabled in stone.


5, preventscratch


Scratch hard objects, steel ball abrasion, will reduce the stone protective effect, should be avoided.


, 6 special cases


If sink depth of pollution, serious loss of light, surface aging, micro crack, fracture and breakage, please professional stone care company.

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