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Mosaic Art 3D Natural Stone Mosaic Design Appreciation

MOSAIC ART 3D natural stone mosaic design appreciation

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Features of natural stone mosaics:

1, mosaic with environmental protection

Shell mosaics, marble mosaics and jade mosaics are made of pure natural materials, and no harmful substances are added during the processing. In today's pursuit of environmental protection and the pursuit of nature, the mosaic of these natural materials most satisfy people's environmental protection concept.

Mosaic Art 3D Natural Stone Mosaic Design Appreciation

2, mosaic has strong decoration

Use the form of the mosaic puzzle to strengthen the decorative mosaic material is very rich and color change, it gradually evolved from the traditional small stone for a variety of materials with shells, tiles, metal and glass as raw material. Mosaic can be the material itself temperament, sentiment most incisive interpretation, in the decoration of indoor space, can be decorated materials do other decoration materials, can also use large mosaic background wall; gradient can be used color mosaic tiles, also can use various kinds of geometric arrangement. Mosaic brick with its rich pattern gives people shock, aesthetic feeling, for home space gave a new feeling.

Mosaic Art 3D Natural Stone Mosaic Design Appreciation

3, mosaic has the characteristics of long service life

Because the main raw material of mosaic is more natural stone, in its wear-resisting respect, it is the adornment material such as ceramic tile and wooden floor incomparable. Because of many small particles of each gap between the mosaic tiles, the formation of the anti stress ability is more advantage than other decoration materials, this is the mosaic can after the Millennium unchanged, the era of ancient Rome into our modern life, and it's wonderful to bloom.

Mosaic Art 3D Natural Stone Mosaic Design Appreciation

4, mosaic is scarce

It is reflected in the scarcity of raw materials are natural and non renewable resources, such as marble mosaic, marble formation is long in extrusion, high temperature, buried calcium carbonate or calcium magnesium carbonate and other material structure deterioration results. With the continuous exploitation of natural mineral resources, resources will gradually dry up, and its value will continue to improve.

Mosaic Art 3D Natural Stone Mosaic Design Appreciation

5. Mosaic is safe

The utility model has the advantages of good antiskid property and abrasion resistance, and the mosaic brick is widely used in the bath, swimming pool, kitchen and toilet space, etc. the antiskid requirement is very high, and compared with other traditional materials, the mosaic brick is practical and beautiful.

Mosaic Art 3D Natural Stone Mosaic Design Appreciation

6, mosaic personalized

Let some love DIY mosaic fashion trendsetter can have more space to show their creativity. In addition, a stainless steel mosaic is no longer confined to the kitchen and toilet space, using it as television background wall, living room, background wall, and bedroom or porch decoration, there will be extraordinary results. The individuality and natural beauty embodied in the mosaic art exudes intoxicating fragrance.