How To Choose Different Bathroom Countertops?

Among the main decoration materials, sanitary products are definitely big heads. Bathroom cabinets are needed by every household, but the market has a wide variety of such products, including luxurious and elegant marble countertops; crystal clear and bright quartz countertops (also called artificial jade) countertops; more simple and simple Wuhua, white and elegant ceramic countertops. Many sesame oils have been blindfolded and cannot be started. Here, I want to share with you.

The first category: marble countertops, suitable for European and American high-end bathroom cabinets

Marble countertops are mainly used for high-end European-style cabinets and American-style cabinets. Generally, they are matched with ceramic basins, either made under counter or over counter. Its advantages are mainly flexible size, suitable for non-standard customization of various sizes. At the same time, marbles have many colors and strong colors, which can better meet the needs of various high-end consumer groups. Personalization is very strong! This type of bathroom cabinet can well reflect the owner's luxurious and elegant living taste.

However, it is more expensive.

The second category: artificial stone countertops, suitable for art and fashion style high-end bathroom cabinets

Artificial stone countertops are also called "quartz stone countertops" and "artificial jade countertops." This type of material is mainly made of synthetic resin by adding calcification and die-casting under high temperature and pressure. Its advantages are high surface flatness, good smoothness, and low water absorption. In particular, the product is exquisite in shape and has convex and concave lines. Very artistic! Mainly used in some high-end bathroom cabinet products that pursue fashion and art style.

The plasticity of these products is strong. European and American product shapes are more individual and exaggerated. This feature cannot be expressed by other materials.

If there are any disadvantages, it is afraid of chemical reagents. If exposed to the sun for a long time, the color will change.

The third category: ceramic countertops, suitable for modern, minimalist style bathroom cabinets

A ceramic countertop is a material with the longest history and the largest market share. It has many advantages, such as economic benefits, corrosion resistance, discoloration, and high-temperature ceramics are relatively easy to clean Dali. More suitable for modern style bathroom cabinet products.

However, there are also many disadvantages, mainly the single size, which cannot meet the needs of more and more personalized customization. Its size is often dead, and one inch or one inch cannot be changed.

At the same time, durability and safety are not high, and it is relatively easy to be damaged. It is easy to rupture when it is bumped or hit by an external force. It cannot be repaired. This is a big problem with ceramic basins.


More notable are:

Inferior foreign-quality ceramics and repair ceramics are flooding the market now. Although the price is very attractive, the quality is poor. The main manifestations are poor flatness and severe deformation of the ceramic basin. When placed against a wall, the gap is large. Other ceramic surfaces are repaired and spray-painted, which is particularly easy to hang, become dark, and difficult to clean.

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