When Will The Marble Brand Age Come?

When will the marble brand age come?

In the distant period of ancient human civilization, marble (especailly for the white  marble tile) was used as a decorative building material. As early as 4000 years ago, the Mediterranean civilization began to use uniform, dense, grinding stones to build large, medium-sized sculptures and magnificent buildings. After thousands of years of development, modern architecture for marble understanding, use and process design has reached a higher level, but also created a huge stone consumption market, marble why up to now there is no real sense of a people, the cognitive basis of the brand? This problem deserves extensive consideration of stone practitioners.

So, what are the problems that need to be solved to build a marble brand with broad public awareness? And what should be done about these issues?

When Will The Marble Brand Age Come?

First, what is the real marble brand?

The marble brand we refer to here is a brand with a wide public awareness (hereinafter referred to as the "marble brand") rather than simply an industry brand.

1. regional

The real marble brand, its visibility, familiarity, identification in certain areas (according to the region can be divided into regional brand, national brands and international brands) is relatively high, concern foundation and relatively stable customer flow entrance, not only to stay inside the industry, closed the brand influence and appeal.

When Will The Marble Brand Age Come?

2. awareness

The real marble brand, regardless of the potential consumers or the reader, there is a wide unified understanding of its attributes, such as GREE air-conditioning, good quality, advanced technology; Audi automobile, high-end business, excellent performance; – Haitian varieties, high quality seasoning…… Be too numerous to enumerate。 Back to the field of building materials, it is not difficult to find, furniture, flooring, doors and windows, bathroom tiles, paint, etc. have their own strong brand, however, in the stone industry but a lack of awareness of the brand, to establish a positive image of the product in front of the public.

When Will The Marble Brand Age Come?

3. ideology and image exclusive

John Morgan said: "brand is not product sharing, but the sharing of thinking", "your brand is not a marketing, but a commitment."." Brand is an intangible asset, it represents the visibility of products and enterprises, with cohesion and diffusion of radiation. The establishment of brand is a systematic and long-term process. It represents the exclusive image of brand shapers, and the brand image and the ideology represented by it need to be displayed through its brand culture. We create marble brand, it must accord with the characteristics of marble itself, but also to meet the characteristics of the target consumer groups, the marble characteristics give cultural inspiration, attract the target consumer group, resonate, subtly guide target groups interested in brand products, drives them to know and understand the brand, and ultimately become with the home.

Two, the current establishment of marble brand, there are some problems:

When Will The Marble Brand Age Come?

1. marble stability (instability)

In what is now the efficiency of the commercial society, any commodity can successfully put into operation, the decision condition is "stable", including the shape, color, function, content and other aspects need to maintain a consistent standard. In contrast, marble, "alternative", lines, colors and ever-changing, under the lights, colored staggered. From an ordinary consumer's point of view, it is likely to become a flaw in the mind that cannot be understood. Many after-sale problems also arise, such as improper handling, often have an impact on word of mouth or suffer losses. And if the focus is only on the rock itself, it's not complete enough. Marble in any case, elegant style, ever-changing, but ultimately is only a stone, if there is no design, the use of demand, there is basically no great value. Therefore, there should be marble sales back to the right direction of the marble design, to design the value of achievement is the development direction of the marble brand, with marble design gives different from other architectural decorative material characteristics, design of infection to consumers, let them understand the inner marble of infinite charm, let the "change" has become a fashion is no longer "flaw".

When Will The Marble Brand Age Come?

2. customer drainage.

As the final consumer terminal drainage object, they understand the main way of marble is nothing more than by the side of a friend or directly to the nearby stone market, the flow channel is actually the decoration company, stone store control etc.. Therefore, how to bypass the many hurdles, the drainage effect is critical to consumers. And often this kind of investment is quite close, let fund flinch.

At present, the mainstream methods of customer drainage are concentrated in the major stone markets, large and medium-sized exhibition halls, through shops, warehouses, spot trading methods. In recent years, the competition is too fierce, and influenced by the "Internet plus big data thinking, all kinds of stone platform, electricity providers gradually appear on the market, all kinds of fashion, young slogan filled the entire stone market, not knowing any of these so-called platform, the electricity supplier, can not avoid the stone itself characteristics of low frequency standard no, destined to easily through the Internet directly benefit. Moreover, the Internet entrance bonus has long been Ali department, Tencent department and other capital predators are divided, and eventually turn to monotonous advertising platform or self chicken ribs, little contribution to the performance, and talk about what tuyere. And this kind of investment cost is very low, there is "people have I have" form

When Will The Marble Brand Age Come?

3. capacity issues (to establish a comprehensive, robust procurement, production and processing management system)

Speaking of capacity, I believe that this is the marble brand can not be bigger and stronger one of the core issues. Therefore, in the face of a successful brand of marble may inspire the huge consumer market, it must begin to have a set of perfect production solutions, the scheme not only relates to the product research and development, including procurement, process design, production and processing, logistics distribution etc.. Or, the brand enterprises to achieve the scale of production, certainly cannot do without the right stone business management system (ERP) and modernization of equipment support, which is precisely the vast majority of enterprises are rarely concerned and stone investment.

4., construction and after-sale problems (set up a sound, efficient after-sales service system)

Since it is a brand, in addition to ensure the quality of product design, the level reached a certain standard, it is more important to the marble works successfully presented to the consumer front, here relates to the construction of a high standard of skill. Currently on the market, the construction team innumerable small, the overall quality is uneven, the degree of freedom of management is too high, there is no guarantee of engineering quality, easy for consumers to suffer losses, greatly affect experience. However, in the framework of the brand, after-sales maintenance is essential, is an important part of the full extension of the consumer experience, but also an important measure to distinguish competitors from other industries. Therefore, around the core value of marble brand, construction and maintenance to establish perfect standards, high technology talent intensive industry, set up the brand team, is very important, this is the most fundamental guarantee of brand influence has been extended and continue to consolidate.

When Will The Marble Brand Age Come?

5. environmental issues

As a result of a long period of time, the stone industry generally extensive mode of operation, resulting in the overall lack of awareness of environmental protection, from a long-term perspective of development, is a major obstacle to brand development. In response to the national environmental protection advocates, must be in the enterprise to establish a perfect system, environmental protection standards, this is bound to greatly increase the operation finished, therefore, only in the basis of high brand premium profit, it can be better to complete the task of environmental protection and achieve mutual promotion effect.

Three, customer drainage feasible mode

Customer drainage is one of the most important issues facing the establishment of marble brands. The current public understanding of marble, marble to create a brand the most difficult is how to cross from 0 to that distance, you must first pay a big enough marketing design and advertising can be achieved. Currently on the market is not a real people oriented marble brand, so once open the fan outlet, the velocity will be a geometric growth, the rapid growth of a high market value of the brand is not a dream.

1., public relations, marketing and advertising combined (to restore the most essential attributes of marble, design richness)

How can brand culture effectively penetrate into the consumer group? Rely solely on the past massive money style advertising, consumers may not buy it. Advertising often has a certain brand or even higher visibility in order to play a multiplier effect. Advertising in a variety of ways, it is necessary for us to explore is on the marble, and its subsidiary brands, what is the core value of publicity, only to understand this one, can be distinguished from the vast majority of the market of the so-called stone brand advertising, the formation of occupation of the consumer awareness, achieve universal cognition consumption level. Public relations has become the most effective way to establish and develop the brand. It creates positive cognition for products and services through the third (mainly media), and has higher credibility than advertising. Then, in the early days of brand building, public relations marketing is clearly playing a crucial role. Public relations for the establishment of brand, advertising used to maintain existing brands, two perfect combination, in order to play a better role.

When Will The Marble Brand Age Come?

2., the entity exhibition hall operation (user experience as the core, combining marble rich design elements)

With the convenience of consumer access to product information, the relative simplicity of the purchase of the elements is to diversify, destined to marble marketing can no longer rely solely on the Department Store Stock operations. The reason why more and more professional market, the entity exhibition hall, experience shop, to a large extent, is an industry self-regulation. The author believes that the most close to the terminal market investors, should be based on the demands of the show brand influence principle, design and construction of regional large marble display experience center (hereinafter referred to as the "center" exhibition, and face the terminal consumer body). The "center" exhibition should be creative, scientific and technological content, very very experience feedback, not only from the perspective of meet the diverse needs of consumers, but also try to appeal to explore multi dimensions, so that experienced consumer awareness of the brand of marble produced qualitative leap, easily aroused sympathy.

3. marble brand core – Design

To build a successful marble brand, stone design is essential and crucial. As long as the marble building materials of human history, the culture of design have experienced a very long time precipitation, the style is various, from Eastern and Western style is divided into two categories and more than 20 kinds of style branches (including China classical, Mediterranean, ancient Rome, Gothic, Rococo style, etc. Therefore, how to use) Dali

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