The New American Stone Standard Sustainable Production Of Cut Natural Stone Will Be Announced

The new American stone standard "sustainable production of cut natural stone" will be announced

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Update time: 2015-3-19 8:42:17

The new American stone standard "sustainable production of cut natural stone" will be announced

After 5 years of efforts, the United States Natural Stone Council to the United States and the world of stone mining, producers and sellers released a new title for the new "sustainable production" natural stone cutting standard.

The standards are formulated by the National Standards Institute (ANSI). The purpose of these standards is to identify and improve sustainable procedures for the production of natural stone materials in the form of documentation.

1 the specific purpose of this standard is to promote the sustainable production of natural stone industry; through multi stakeholder, to be as a method of science based green building movement performance index of sustainable development of the recognized, a precise definition of environment, ecology, social responsibility and human health indicators is established; education provides an important opportunity for the main members, natural stone products in the field of production design and construction industry end-users and the government and environmental organizations; by four level rating system, to create a unique view to sustainable management and continuous innovation and become environmentally advanced enterprises of natural stone company mechanism.

2 scope of application: applicable to all processing personnel from mining to final stone processing producers, and to enable natural stone producers to participate in the domestic market, but also to participate in the international market.

The standard for sustainable production of natural stones has two annexes: regulatory standards and guidelines.

Chain of custody standard to determine the number of rules, and the consistency of the guide is in understanding how standard provides guidance, as well as through some specific examples introduced consistent standards for mines and factories in three aspects to seek certification as completely as possible, and also provide useful information for the third party in the consistency test on.

3 standard and chain of custody certification benefits: green stone and competitive products to distinguish and enhance their brand; obtain preferred supplier status from those seeking sustainable solutions; compliance with state and federal procurement policy; through the use of a more sustainable business operation rules and ways to achieve the purpose of saving money to more; reliable available on the market certification; this standard has a chain of custody procedures.

4 standards to the stone industry has the following benefits: to establish a clear definition of the environmental and health indicators, this index is recognized as a sustainable green building activities of outstanding performance index; give stone products production of green building movement, the government provides an important educational opportunities and environmental groups to promote the key figures create a reward; for the mechanism of environmental protection advanced enterprise of natural stone company through a commitment to sustainable management and sustainable innovation; actively promote the potential related to the environment and human health stone based multi stakeholder forum and scientific concern, of stone mining and processing; the production of domestic and international environmental protection association requirements; encourage the inclusion of green building assessment system, the credit support transparent regulatory chain; create stone and the other in the existing certification program The rate of competition between competing products.

Specifically, the I relates to the standard of natural stone product life cycle, which affects the society, the environment, and human health only during the life cycle stages of mining and processing. Since stone is mined in various countries of the world, the standard scope of application includes North America, including international mining and mining units, taking into account the problems of logistics and transportation in the process of standard setting. The standard will help to determine whether natural stone products are manufactured and transported in environmentally sound ways consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

The standard focuses on the basic stone products and operations in North America, but its formulation has the participation and cooperation of international stone bodies and expands it to the basis of international standards and ISO certification.