Introduction To The Advantages And Development Of Marble Mosaic

Stone, as a high-grade building decoration material, most people are very good about the types and performance of stone that can be used for decoration. At present, there are four types of stone commonly used in the market: marble, granite, terrazzo, and synthetic stone. Among them, marble is the top grade of marble; granite is harder than marble; terrazzo is forged from raw materials such as cement and concrete; synthetic stones are based on forging. Crushed stone of natural stone is used as raw material, and it is made by pressing and polishing with binder and other materials. It has high strength stone. There are mainly marble mosaic, granite mosaic, jade mosaic, travertine mosaic, irregular mosaic, artistic waistline mosaic and other products.

Marble mosaic is a variety of mosaics developed in the medium term. It is colorful, but it has good acid and alkali resistance and strong water resistance, so it has a good market response.

Marble mosaic is made of natural stone through a special process, without adding any chemical dye itself. The marble mosaic in the center has well preserved the peculiar colors unique to the stone itself. This natural marble mosaic puts people in the space constructed by simple colors and excellent natural texture, and naturally forgets the glitz in reality. With the hustle and bustle, in this space that obscures time, you can feel the truth and simplicity.

Marble mosaics, due to their small size, can be used as puzzles to produce gradient effects. Marble mosaic is mainly used for wall and floor decoration. Due to the small unit area of a single mosaic, the variety of colors, and the infinite combination, it can fully express the designer's modeling and design inspiration, and fully display its unique artistic charm and personality. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment venues, home wall floors and art parquets.