Dark Brown Terrazzo Stone

The FUW-211 Dark Brown Terrazzo Stone is a culmination of elegance and durability. The Terrazzo stone’s coffee-brown color hue embodies the richness of nature, making it a hot choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. At its heart, this Brown artificial stone belongs to the inorganic terrazzo collection of FOR U STONE Factory. However, its distinctive character is highlighted by the light brown backdrop punctuated by less prominent dark brown specks.

Precast Terrazzo: Crystal Brown Precast Terrazzo Stone Slabs

Terrazzo Color: Pure Brown Terrazzo Stone, Precast Terrazzo Stone, FUW-210

Terrazzo slab sizes 2400*1600mm & 3200*1600mm

Tiles of Terrazzo: 305x305mm, 305x610mm, 457x457mm, 400x400mm,

Thickness: 20mm, 30mm

Surface: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Leathered, Sandblasted, etc...

Usages: 60+ Colors of Precast Terrazzo Slabs For Countertops, Worktops, Table tops, Reception desks bench tops, basins, sinks, shower bases, tiles, stairs, etc


Coffee Brown Precast Terrazzo Stone Slabs For Tiles and Countertops 

FUW-210 Brown Terrazzo Shoping Mall Floor projects | FOR U STONEThis outstanding brown terrazzo stone, often termed coffee brown terrazzo stone, derives its strength from a combination of granite and marble chips, supplemented by the addition of sparkling brown marble flecks. Those natural stone flecks no longer only add to the stone’s visual appeal but also decorate its durability, making it apt for excessive-visitors regions, which include inns, offices, and eating places.

About sizes, the precast terrazzo stone offers flexibility. Whether it’s the classic square layout measuring 20 x 20cm or 30 x 30cm or the unique hexagon shape of Dark Brown Terrazzo Stone available in dimensions of 20 x 23cm and 25 x 29cm, there’s something for each design vision. Moreover, customization would not stop right here. For those seeking to add a touch of finesse, skirting or coving tiles are comfortably available.

Terrazzo has always been celebrated for its durability, versatility, and captivating appeal. Among the various shades and patterns, the FUW-210 Dark Brown Terrazzo Stone stands out, not only for its dominant coffee-brown shade but also for the elegance it radiates. Renowned as a staple from the inorganic collection of the FOR U STONE Factory, this variant is redefining luxury and functionality in modern spaces.

Past aesthetics and practicality is a paramount situation in today’s project world. Catering to this want, the brown inorganic cement terrazzo stone is immune to stains, ensuring that the spaces it graces remain pristine with minimal renovation. Be it real estate initiatives, industrial kitchens, or the bustling areas of a mall or inn, this terrazzo stone promises longevity.

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Main Application of Terrazzo Stone by FOR U STONE 

The brown inorganic concrete terrazzo stone stands as a testimony to the versatility of terrazzo. Its indoor and outdoor applications are various:

Real Estate: It’s a desired desire for kitchen and lavatory projects, raising the class of those spaces.
Commercial building: those tiles and slabs are extensively used in industrial kitchen countertops, concrete tops, and ground and wall facade initiatives.
Aesthetic enhancements: wall panels, ground tiles, stairs, and paving answers are crafted from this terrazzo.
Large-scale Projects: FOR U STONE’s dark brown terrazzo stone is best for large projects consisting of accommodations, workplaces, hospitals, colleges, department shops, etc.

Specification of Terrazzo Stone


It is close and attracts each other, so it has very good toughness and higher strength.

It is a new multi-purpose stone that is safe, green, environmentally friendly, and has excellent performance.
Eco Cement+Natural Stone Chips
Water Absorption
Compressive strength
Bending strength
MOH’s Hardness
3-5 Degree
Slab Size
2700*1800/Customized Size
18mm/Customized Size
Finished Surface
Malls, Hotels, Flats, Kitchens, Homes, Hospitals, Schools, etc.

Precast Terrazzo Stone


The terrazzo tiles and slabs, including the brown terrazzo tiles and inorganic brown terrazzo stone floor tiles, are available in varied sizes to cater to different requirements:

  • Square Tiles:

    • 20 x 20cm with a thickness of 1.8cm

    • 30 x 30cm with a thickness of 2cm

  • Hexagonal Tiles:

    • 20 x 23cm with a thickness of 1.8cm

    • 25 x 29cm with a thickness of 2cm

For those seeking customization, bespoke sizes can be crafted upon request. Additionally, matching skirting or coving tiles are available, offering a complete solution for various design needs.

Brown Terrazzo Stone Colors

Pure brown precast terrazzo, which leans heavily at the espresso-brown hue, has won a gigantic reputation. Its utilization spans from grandiose inns to elegant residential interiors. Every tile and slab goes through rigorous processing to achieve certain toughness and resistance, making it a top desire for regions that reveal heavy foot traffic.

Brown Terrazzo Stone Brown Precast Terrazzo Slabs

Coffee brown terrazzo stone, specifically, brings a touch of heat and coziness, making areas feel more welcoming and homely. This color palette complements both modern-day and traditional designs, bridging the gap between modernity and timelessness.

Brown inorganic cement terrazzo stone unearths its origin in a meticulously curated process. Grounded granite and marble are combined with marble flecks, ensuing inside the signature speckled end. This end, apart from being aesthetically captivating, gives an extra layer of grip, minimizing the chance of slips and falls.

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What is Inorganic Terrazzo Stone:

Inorganic terrazzo stone is a type of terrazzo that is made from a mixture of aggregate, cement, and pigments. The aggregate in inorganic terrazzo stone is typically inert materials, such as marble, granite, or quartz. This type of terrazzo is known for its durability and resistance to staining and fading.

The Products Ranges of inorganic terrazzo stone:

  • Countertops: Inorganic terrazzo stone can be used for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. It is a durable and versatile material that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

  • Flooring: Inorganic terrazzo stone can be used for flooring in homes and businesses. It is a durable and stylish material that can add a touch of elegance to any space.

  • Walls: Inorganic terrazzo stone can be used for walls in homes and businesses. It is a durable and versatile material that can be used to create a variety of looks.

  • Paving: Inorganic terrazzo stone can be used for paving walkways, patios, and other outdoor areas. It is a durable and sustainable material that can withstand the elements.

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