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Marble Bonsai Pots Technology!

Marble bonsai pots technology!

Release time: 2017-09-28 Author: China Stone Network

Select stone production bonsai has rules, as the stone variety, size, body is not a stone, even if the same origin will also appear on the changes of color, texture, and even has difference in hardness. Therefore, in the selection of stone bonsai, for each kind of stone material to familiar with the study. It Nahan white marble basin in terms of bonsai.


Marble, may not have rich texture, rough look bland, but we must first understand the inherent beauty of white marble, inner beauty, in an extremely unusual shape to outsiders It is quite common for find beauty value and fully applied, play, create beautiful marble bonsai pots to.


To select materials of wood art facilities, different stone, different shapes, different posture angles, including texture, color different, there will be a different composition effect, therefore, must be calm and patient on a variety of fine stone, because stone properly designed, especially the pose angle adjustment, sometimes very small change angle will make materials worth double, so for each piece of material carefully, make good use of every piece of material.


Of course, it is easier to get started for the white marble good material, usually have to deliberately find materials processed with temper ideal works, although the flat stone is not easy to make high-quality work, as long as you persevere, will have excellent skills, quality of materials will be a day when the eye recognition, know how to deal with.


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