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The Types Characteristics And Properties Of Quartz Are Introduced!

The types, characteristics and properties of quartzite are introduced!

Quartz is a kind of physical and chemical properties of mineral resources are very stable, quartz stone quartz stone plate manufacturers are currently on the plate produced a short, the main component of the high content of quartz plate is more than 93%, so called quartz stone.

Because of size, color, quartz inclusions and so there are many variants: phanerocrystalline: colorless transparent crystal; Purple Amethyst (commonly known as amethyst); smoke smoke yellow, brown to blackish Citrine, smoky quartz or quartz; light yellow, transparent red rose quartz rose Huang Shuijing; (commonly known as lotus stone); quartz white milk. Arenaceous stone with mottled glitter due to scale inclusions such as hematite or mica. The cryptocrystalline varieties are: fibrous ceramics composed of chalcedony (Yu Sui); colloidal origin agate; composed of quartz metasomatic fibrous asbestos and the pseudocrocidolite etc.. An amorphous variety consisting of granular microcrystalline, often containing a mixture of other minerals, opaque, mostly flint, gray to black (commonly known as flint). Jasper is dark red or greenish yellow or greenish blue because of ferric oxide impurities. The main production of quartz crystal in pegmatite geode block; often occurs in hydrothermal veins; granular quartz is the main minerals of granite, gneiss and sandstone many rock composition. In addition to crystal, agate and other used as gems or process materials, the more pure general quartz used in large quantities as glass raw materials, grinding materials, silicon refractory materials, etc.. Impure quartz is an important building material.

Quartz stone has the characteristics of high hardness, anti pollution, high temperature resistance and no radiation. In the current decoration industry, quartz stone has been favored by people. Why do quartz rocks have these characteristics? Let's get to know them.

In natural mineral resources, diamonds have the highest hardness. Quartz is second only to diamonds, while quartz stones contain extremely high levels of quartz. The tools used in the kitchen do not cause damage to the quartzite. Quartzite is a dense, nonporous composite. The acid and alkali used in the kitchen do not corrode the quartz stone. If there is acid base sticking to the quartz stone, it can be removed effectively with clean water. Quartz stone after more than 30 complex polishing process, after a long period of use, it will not cause harm to quartz stone, people do not need to waste human, material, financial resources to quartz stone maintenance.

The dense, nonporous design of quartz stone prevents bacteria from hiding, and there is no safety problem even if the food is placed directly on the table. The main material of quartzite is silica, without any heavy metals that may cause radiation. 94% of quartz crystals and other resin additives make quartz stone free of radiation pollution!

Quartz stone has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical, building materials, ceramics and other industries. It is mainly used for making broken glass, sand paper and refractory material and acid solvent for smelting iron. Well, do you know the physical and chemical properties of quartz stone?

The chemical composition of quartz is silica, which is called silica. A hard, hard to melt nonmetallic mineral, usually above 99.5%. Silica has 7 kinds of isomorphous variants, pure and crystalline, called quartz, colorless transparent six prism crystal, called crystal. General quartz; dense massive veined quartz. Quartz color is generally white, gray, pale yellow, black, shiny glass, translucent ore. It is brittle and without cleavage, and the fracture is shell like. Hardness 70, specific gravity 2.65. Phosphorescence occurs when rubbing. Chemical property is stable, insoluble in ordinary acid, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and concentrated alkali. Melting at high temperature 1710-1756'C, but not volatile, nor decomposition, cooling into transparent or translucent glassy material, called quartz glass. The grade and use of quartzite are determined by the content of silica.

Quartz is stable and difficult to change because of changes in the environment. Quartz is not easily scratched because of its high hardness. Now the home decoration has played a good role.