How Did White Stone Breed Become The New Darling Of The Market?

How did White stone breed become the new darling of the market?

Recently, a large market everywhere to do the main bianco sevic white, calacatta white , staturios white , arabascato white,carrara white , bianco venato white stone special erected, undoubtedly is the interpretation of the trend of the market now.

To Jane, that is, the beauty of the market demand

Housing is a permanent problem in front of people. The rapid process of urbanization, home decoration is more and more exquisite, a variety of decoration styles emerge in an endless stream. Simple white modern decoration style has become the first choice for many young people decoration. No fancy color design, no frills, everything seems so quiet and elegant. In their eyes, the pure white hue is not dull and boring, on the contrary, it creates a sense of fashion is unmatched by other colors.

How Did White Stone Breed Become The New Darling Of The Market?

The white stone application case

It is based on this trend of consumption, in the stone field, positioning high-end white stone varieties have become the new darling of the market.

One of the officially published in June this year, the white stone brand "Bellissimo Marmi" founder Luo Xuezhong, "white stone, is a natural precious gift, is the most classic of the ultimate tone. It is not only the existence of high-end space application materials, more is to convey a kind of attitude to life, it lets the modern people 'pursuit of simplicity, return to nature "the wish was realized, opened the important section of stone culture can not be read for the public." Luo Xuezhong said, white stone can trigger designers to better space applications, to Jane, that is, the aesthetic trend of the United States, the development and application of white stone will be more extensive.

How Did White Stone Breed Become The New Darling Of The Market?

▲Bellissimo  Marmi

Bellissimo ^ Marmi

Learned in visiting Shengda stone city main white stone merchants, the incremental market Whitehead, thanks in part to the designer, because they realized through the design of upgrading of value-added products. In many cases, they are closer to the terminal and are able to receive consumer demand more promptly, thereby upgrading the process and improving the quality of the product.

Quantitative ration supply control

At the source of the mine, the government has control and control of the white stone mine resources, but its market quota still maintains the rational growth tendency, and the price continues to rise.

The dragon stone industry relevant responsible person said, they specialize in Greek Aston white, monthly sales are kept floating in a horizontal line, sometimes encountered out of stock of the situation. Because the white stone itself highlights the advantages, in the consumer market, does not require price competition, and do not have to deliberately marketing.

How Did White Stone Breed Become The New Darling Of The Market?

The dragon stone

According to the mine control for white stone brand stakes, industry veteran rock sister explained that everything has two sides, white stone brand go high-end custom route may be part of buying customers away. Mine resource management is the most effective government attaches great importance to and made interventions, white stone protected price better due to the administrative functions of the control, the effective mining also ensure sustainable supply of mining quantitative quota, the threshold high set to a great extent to enhance the quality of mining science.

Focus on the variety advantages of white stone

The management and brand building of white stone varieties is a change from pluralism to specialization, and is the measure of many stone enterprises facing the heterogeneous needs of consumers.

All along, the new location for the "high-grade Pengfei stone supermarket" in business for many years, gradually give up some more intense competition, relatively low grade stone varieties, concentrate on operating high value-added stone products. In 2016, the new stone industry by Pengfei to create "three white" strategy, quickly establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation with foreign professional technical team, and to maximize the senior designer to realize the value of products.

How Did White Stone Breed Become The New Darling Of The Market?

The new Pengfei stone industry

"Three white" refers to our main white stone statuarious ,calacatta white, arabascato white. The three white varieties, is Shiraishi Ri's top products, we are committed to the pursuit of new Pengfei star products. In order to better management of the white stone products, we try to solve the existing problems, provide more valuable services for customers, so that our customers can focus more on sales above, do not have to concentrate on products." Pengfei chairman Wang Dawei said.

In a word, from the demand of the market, the popularity of the simple style of decoration, is bound to make white stone market quota continued growth; from product supply, Whitehead category is one of the best operation of all mine resources in the future with its price will enhance the value of a modest rise; from the variety, all kinds of stone varieties has its superiority, but White stone is irreplaceable in the decorative style, and easily with other color stone mix, more conducive to enterprise in the home market.