What Is Soapstone

A metamorphic rock, basically composed of talc, contains a variety of minerals, including mica, chlorite, pyroxene, amphibole, quartz, calcite, and iron oxide. Colors range from white to greenish gray and dark green. Can be used for sculpting.

Saponite is one of the smectite type layered phyllosilicate minerals. It belongs to the 2: 1 (TOT) type silicate mineral. Each layer is sandwiched by two pieces of silicon tetrahedron. A piece of magnesium octahedron. The top oxygen of the tetrahedron is shared with the octahedron in the center of the structural layer, thereby connecting the three sheets together. The central element of saponite octahedron in nature is mainly magnesium, and part of it contains iron, but in the process of synthesizing soapstone, the addition of other divalent metal elements will also enter the octahedral skeleton structure, thus forming different types of soapstone, such as Zinc, cobalt, nickel soap and so on.

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