Milas Lilac Marble

FOR U STONE's Milas Lilac Marble Slabs and Cut-to-Size Tile are used for internal and external Residential and Commercial Building and Construction project applications. Milas Lilac Marble visually looks stunning as a classic decoration building stone in hotel foyer areas, staircase treads & rises, bathroom floor & walls, shower & bath areas, external building facades, indoor living floor areas, Commercial Building entrance foyer walls & flooring, retail shop flooring, bench tops and kitchen splash backsplashbackss, bathroom vanity tops, staircases, surrounding wall fireplace designs in Architectural and Interior Design concepts.
  •  Natural Marble Factory: Xiamen For U Stone Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
  • Marble Products: Milas Lilac Purple Vein Turkish Marble Polished Slabs
  • MOQ: 300 SQM
  • Marble Color: Milas Lilac Marble, Turkish Marble
  • Slab: (2200-2600)mm X (1300-1600)mm X 20mm (2200-3200)mm X (1300-1680)mm X 30mm
  • Tile: 800x800mm, 600x600mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm
  • Thickness: Polished, Honed
  • Usages: FOR U STONE offers 50+ natural Turkish Marble Stones in Slabs, Tiles, and Countertops for any real estate and commercial building interior projects.


Milas Lilac Purple Vein Turkish Natural White Marble Polished Slabs

Milas Lilas Marble, or Turkish Milas Lilac Marble, New York White Marble, is a natural stone utilized in architectural and layout projects for many years. With its pristine white base and deep lilac veins, it’s far a brand of beauty and splendor. Milas Lilas Marble slabs are an excellent preference for adding a hint of class to any place. The deep lilac veins strolling through the pristine white base create an adorable impact, making it ideal for grand staircases, foyer floors, and practical partitions. Its versatility permits it to be used in both classical and modern-day designs.

  • White Milas Lilac Marble: forte and beauty blended

Lilac White Marble, or Milas, New York White Marble, is an extraordinary and unique herbal stone that exudes splendor and class. Its white base with lilac veins going for walks through it creates a beautiful, visible effect, making it a perfect choice for kitchen countertops, restroom vanities, and backsplashes. Its area of expertise guarantees that no installations are ever pretty alike.

  • Milas Lilac Marble Tile: adding a Pop of color

Milas Lilac Marble tile is a first-rate preference for adding color to any location. Its delicate lilac tones lightly dance with whispers of grey and white veining, growing a stunning visible effect. Its affordability makes it a notable desire for owners or indoor designers who opt for the color of their vicinity while reaching an upscale, white marble look.

Milas Lilac Marble Countertops and Wall Tiles Projects FOR U STONE
Milas Lilac Marble Countertops and Wall Tiles Projects FOR U STONE


  • Lilas Marble Slabs: raising design

Lilas Marble slabs are an exceptional desire for elevating the format of any space. Its delicate lilac tones and gray and white veining create a stunning, visible effect, making it an excellent passion for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and backsplashes. Its particular persona guarantees that each setup is precise, with a hint of specialty to any area.

  • Milas Lilac Marble Vanity Tops pinnacle: Bringing luxurious to everyday existence

Milas Lilac Marble Vanity tops are a top-notch choice for bringing luxury to an everyday existence. Its deep lilac veins walking through the pristine white base create a lovable, visible effect, making it an excellent choice for lavatory vanities. Its durability and simplicity of upkeep make it a famous desire for high-web site visitor areas.

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1: Standard Sizes of Milas Lilac Marble Slabs and Tiles 


Product name Milas Lilac White Marble Polished Slabs
Material Milas Lilac Marble, New York White Marble
Sizes Tiles available
12” X 12″ (305mmX305mm)
24” X 24″ (600mmX600mm)
12” X 24″ (300mmX600mm)
other as customized
Slabs available
180cmUpx60x1.5cm/2.0cm \ 180cmUpx65x1.5/2.0cm \ 180cmUpx70cmx1.5/2.0xm
240cmUpx60x1.5cm/2.0cm \ 240cmUpxx65x1.5/2.0cm \ 240cmUpx70cmx1.5/2.0cm
Usage Used for floor, pattern, indoor decoration, countertop
Surface Polished, honed
Packing Seaworthy wooden crate, pallet


2: 18mm Polished Turkish Milas Lilac Marble Slabs 


  • Milas Lilac Marble floor Tile: beauty and sturdiness

Milas Lilac Marble floor tile is a top-notch desire for areas with heavy foot traffic. Its sturdiness ensures that it may check the time, making it an excellent choice for commercial and home spaces. Its sensitive lilac tones and gray and white veining create a cute visual impact, making it a perfect desire for folks who opt for a unique and fashionable appearance.

turkish lilac marble Milas Lilac Marble
  • Milas Lilac Marble Wall Tile: elevating layout

Milas Lilac Marble wall tile is a top-notch preference for raising the design of any area. Its delicate lilac tones and gray and white veining create a cute visual impact, making it a super desire for characteristic walls. Its precise character guarantees that each installation is unique, which includes a touch of uniqueness to any space.

Milas Lilac Marble Slab Milas Lilac Purple Vein Marble Slabs

Milas Lilas Marble, Lilac White Marble, Milas Lilac Marble Slabs, Milas Lilac Marble Tile, Lilas Marble Slabs, Milas Lilac Marble conceitedness pinnacle, Milas Lilac Marble ground Tile, and Milas Lilac Marble Wall Tile are all first-rate herbal stones that exude splendor and splendor. Whether designing a new vicinity or reworking your house, those stones provide a unique manner to add coloration, character, and class to any room.

3: Chinese Professional Milas Lilac Marble Slabs and Tiles Factory | FOR U STONE

Calacatta Borghini Marble Slab

FOR U STONE offers Milas Lilas Marble, ensuring first-class and versatility. Whether for countertops in kitchens, floors in department stores, or partitions in hospitals, this marble serves more than one purpose. Its adaptability makes it ideal for varied tasks, from villas to office buildings. Quarried from Turkey, the Milas Lilac Marble or New York White Marble showcases Turkish craftsmanship at its finest. Every tile, paver, or slab reflects the artistry and tradition of its starting place, making it a sought-after preference internationally. Milas Lilas Marble is more than just a stone; it is an art piece, a slice of nature crafted to perfection. Whether you are an architect, a homeowner, or a clothier, this marble guarantees to elevate your area. Embrace the charm of Milas Lilas and allow its elegance to resonate in your designs.

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