Marble Countertop Cleaning Tips

Modern home decoration cannot be separated from marble. Marble is divided into artificial marble and natural marble. The quality of marble will not only affect the overall decoration effect but also cause some security problems. Then, let's introduce the cleaning tips of marble countertops and how to repair the damage of marble countertops.

Marble countertop cleaning tips

1.Keep daily clean

When cleaning the marble daily, you can use a dust collector or an electrostatic mop to completely remove the dust and avoid washing with a lot of water.

2.Immediately remove pollution

For stains on marble countertops, such as juice, soy sauce, and coffee, if they are not cleaned in time, they can easily penetrate into the inner layer of the stone, causing deep pollution. Such stains can be removed with a professional antifouling agent to prevent stains from penetrating into the stone and causing unremovable stains.

3. Choose the right cleaner

Because marble is afraid of acid and alkali, so when choosing a cleaning agent, you cannot choose a cleaning agent with acid and alkali. This will easily lose the surface gloss of the stone and even cause lesions.

4. Protective treatment is important

Protective treatment should be carried out regularly to maintain the breathability, waterproofness and antifouling of the marble. It is not possible to use protective agents from unknown sources to prevent the protective effect from being lost, but it increases the difficulty of stone maintenance.

How to repair broken marble countertops

1. For minor scratches on the marble, you can repair it with polishing powder or tin oxide. Filling the small holes in the marble with white powder and resin cement can make the marble look like new.

2. If the marble countertop is slightly broken, you can use ordinary epoxy glue to glue the fragments back in place. Compared to other materials, the marble processing process is quite simple.

Here are the tips for cleaning the marble countertops and how to repair the damage to the marble countertops. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related knowledge, you can follow us.

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