Kerbstone Stone For Outdoor Flooring

kerbstone stone for outdoor flooring


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granite Kerbstone with Competitive Price

product Specifications

Available Colors: White, Gray, Beige, Black, Cream, Brown, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, etc.

Stone Type: Granite Kerbstone

Country of Origin: China

Available Finishes: polished, honed, flamed, brushed, pickling, antique, bush hammered, sandblasted, grooved, tumbled, sawn, mushroom, chiseled, natural split, pineapple, etc.

Lu Yanshi also call kerbstone in english, refers to the use of blocky objects or stone concrete casting used in pavement edge line, Lu Yanshi also praised the calculus or roadside stone, luyashi. Lu Yanshi is the distinction between the roadways, sidewalks, greenbelt, belt and other parts of the road line on the road, pedestrians and vehicles to ensure traffic safety and ensure road neat edge effect.

Category characteristics

According to the different materials, the kerbstone stone can be divided into two kinds: the concrete road side stone and the stone road side stone. According to the section size of the road along the stone, can be divided into H type of road along the stone, T type of road along the stone, R type of road along the stone, F type of road along the stone, TF type vertical stone and P type flat stone.

Road edge stone

Stone along the road 


According to the line type of the stone along the road, it is classified as curve type road edge stone and straight line road edge stone. Fire board curve along the road straight along the road with Shi Ke stone use.


With the rapid development of the city, beautifying the urban space has become an urgent need. A new, scientific color road brick tile counter asked

Road edge stone

The world, playing a new movement to beautify the urban living space, with its high strength, high texture, wear-resistant, non fading and smooth linear characteristics, has become a major theme of today's urban space.

Quality Standard

Straight degree: 10mm, adjacent block height difference: 3mm, width of seam: + 3mm, side stone top elevation; + 10mm,

Installation form editor

There are vertical, oblique and peaceful forms of the stone along the road. In the road along the stone walk, walk the viscera to regulate the body balance method is simple and effective, which can increase the fun, but also can prevent and cure diseases and prolong life, to guarantee the pedestrian and vehicle traffic safety and ensure the pavement along the margin and effect. From the pavement dredging, installation, road edge stone back cover reinforcement introduces construction technology of road edge stone, and summed up the road along the stone quality requirements and matters needing attention, to ensure the construction quality, improve the appearance of the road.

Material requirements

The kerbstone with natural granite machining in a homogeneous form, stone strength must be qualified, the uniform color, no crack, surface edges and complete, consistent appearance, no obvious spots, color, a weathering phenomenon is not allowed, not allowed to fall, when handling hit, hit, touch, so as to avoid damage.

Processing requirements

According to the unified length, the outer appearance must be machined and polished, the length tolerance is within the range of + 20mm, and the allowable error of width, thickness and height is within the range of + 2mm.

Construction requirements

1. Lu Yanshi kerbstone must hang line construction, according to the lateral plane top surface shows high standard line tension, according to the line side flat stone blocks, the flat side of stone to safety is, do not laugh, the side top line straight smooth, no level of the wrong tooth phenomenon, plane, dislocation, and wrong tooth phenomenon.

Section map of kerbstone construction method

Section map of kerbstone construction method

2.kerbstone must be slurry masonry, block pulp must be dense, no plug masonry;

The dislocation along the joint of the 3. way stone is no more than 1mm; the side stone and the stone must be evenly staggered in the middle.

4. kerbstone Ceping stone should ensure the size and finish to meet the design requirements. Beautiful appearance, should be designed according to special processing of stone on the curve bend radius part side of the stone masonry, to ensure the smooth, round, linear seam closely. Arc side stone must be polished by artificial fine chisel.

5. kerbstone back should be soil compaction, tamping width is not less than 50mm, the thickness is not less than 15mm.

6. Lu Yanshi: must hang pointing pointing to the side of the line, crevice debris removed clean, water wetting, and then use the seam filled hook dry filling 1:2.5 cement mortar.

7. side flat stone pointing, laid after appropriate water conservation

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