Mont Blanc Quartzite Slab

Imbued with an elegant allure, Mont Blanc Quartzite transforms any living space into a sanctuary of sophistication. With origins traced back to the verdant mountains of Brazil and nurtured under the watchful eye of interior designers, this grey and white flecked wonder presents a perfect blend of durability and aesthetics. As an indispensable choice for dealers, developers, or homeowners, the quartzite Mont Blanc becomes a canvas reflecting timeless design ideals, inspiring both modern and traditional aesthetics alike in interior wall cladding, countertops, and accent wall.

  • Quartzite Material: Mont Blanc Quartzite, Brazilian White Quartzite
  • Size: 2600upx1500 up, 2400upx130up, 2400upx1200up, etc
  • The Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
  • Surface: Polished, with Backlit Effects
  • MOQ: 100-300 SQM, or small trail order also available
  • Package: Fumigated strong wooden buddles package.
  • Quartzite Factory: FOR U STONE
  • Exotic Quartzite Application: Interior decoration,House floor & wall tiles, Private villas decoration, Shipping mall, Hotel projects, Bathroom design, Wall cladding, Countertop, Shower, Dimensional stone, Flooring.


2013 Luxurious Brazilian Exotic Mont Blanc White Quartzite Slabs For Villas and Deluxe Hotels

The Mont Blanc Quartzite encapsulates nature’s quiet elegance inside its veins, offering a hint of luxury to diverse spaces. Before everything looks, the enthralling blend of creamy white with slim veins of grey and gold seems random, yet every curve and color is a meticulous stroke painted by nature. The Mont Blanc Quartzite countertops, specifically, stand as a testament to this first-rate herbal artistry, reflecting the harmony of color and pattern that most effective mother nature can create.
At the same time as the conventional hues of white and gray dominate the Mont Blanc Quartzite Slab’s visual spectrum, a closer appearance exhibits a spectrum of darker sunglasses, an understated beauty that amplifies its allure. The Mont Blanc Honed Quartzite, with its exquisitely smooth floor, showcases these muted colorations, offering a canvas where each color and sample weaves a completely unique story. These darker sun shades often eclipse the colors located in many granite and marble opposite numbers, contributing to the luxurious Brazilian Exotic quartzite Mont Blanc Slab’s unequaled appeal.
Mont Blanc White Quartzite Interior Projects-FOR U STONE
The Mont Blanc Polished Quartzite adds a new dimension to this stone’s beauty, enhancing its color spectrum with a glossy finish. It paints a picture of a serene morning in the mountains, a pristine landscape bathed in the first light of day. The natural veins running across the polished surface jumbo slabs, akin to the mountain ridges, encapsulate this enchanting panorama within your interior.

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Standard Sizes of Brazilian Extoic Quartzite Slabs and Tiles
Product Name
Luxury Brazilian Exotic Mont Blanc White Quartzite Polished Slabs
3120 x 1770 x 18mm

Other sizes are also available
polished, honed is available also.
Blue Roma is a light blue background with golden brown streaks exotic quartzite quarried in Brazil. This stone is especially good.
for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior – interior wall and floor applications.
Type of Application
Flooring, Wall Cladding, Vanity Tops, Kitchen Countertops, Bench Tops

High Quality Brazilian Bianco White Quartzite Slabs


Mont Blanc Exotic Quartzite SlabsThe versatility of the Mont Blanc Quartzite Kitchen counter tops and other applications in Real Estates and Commercial Business Building, Hotels, or Boutique Stores interior spaces set them apart. They blend seamlessly with numerous flooring alternatives and cabinetry colorations, making them a favored preference for numerous design factors. Whether it is a kitchen that echoes contemporary minimalist ideals or a lavatory inspired by way of conventional design factors, the Mont Blanc White Quartzite fits flawlessly into the photo, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal without overwhelming it.
Each piece of the White Macaubas Quartzite Slabs tells its very own tale. They may be cautiously bookmatched to make sure consistency in veining and color, rendering a symmetrical layout that provides a touch of concord for your interiors. From the faded tans to the silvery greys, the spectrum of Mont Blanc Exotic Quartzite colorings guarantees a unique level in this is as diverse as it’s far more harmonious.
Mont Blanc Quartzite, christened after the best mountain in the Alps, genuinely stands tall in aesthetics and functionality. The Mont Blanc Leathered Quartzite, as an instance, merges the tactile comfort of a softly textured floor with the visible pride of the stone’s natural veining. Meanwhile, the White Exotic Quartzite Slab explores the stone’s specific character, every slab reflecting a one-of-a-kind side of its innate beauty. It’s a perfect preference for creating a striking feature wall or a centerpiece countertop that immediately draws attention.
No matter its beautiful appearance, the Mont Blanc Quartzite offers greater than just eye-candy. It stands as an embodiment of durability and ease of preservation, characteristics that often supersede its aesthetic attraction for many owners and developers. The Mont Blanc Quartzite countertops undergo witness to the stone’s power, withstanding daily put on and tear with grace. The White Quartzite Slabs in Mont Blanc provide an ideal fabric for a range of packages, from kitchen islands to lavatory arrogance tops, and even hearth surroundings, radiating warm temperature in each aesthetics and function.
Similar to the potent mountain it is called after, Mont Blanc White Quartzite remains untouched through the passage of time. It would not just face up to the everyday rigors of a bustling kitchen or a busy bathroom, however it also resists the ravages of time, preserving its pristine splendor for years. Its sturdiness regularly attracts parallels with granite, some other robust natural stone renowned for its toughness. This combination of timelessness and durability is what makes Mont Blanc Quartzite a favorite among house owners and indoors designers alike.

Exotic Quartz Mont Blanc’s technical features are the following (geographical classification):
Density: 2660kg/m3

Water Absorption: 0,18%

Fire reaction: Class A

Compressive strength: 152,60 Mpa

Impact resistance: 48 cm

Abrasion resistance: 51mm

Modulus of Rupture: 5,02 MPa

mont blanc quartzite polished slab

Mont Blanc White Quartzite Polished Slabs

Mont Blanc Quartzite Slabs

Bianco Macuabas Quartzite Slabs

quartzite mont blanc

White Macaubas Quartzite Exotic Slabs


The versatility of Mont Blanc Brazilian Quartzite is another characteristic that sets it apart. Whether it’s a modern setup radiating minimalist charm or a classic decor exuding old-world grandeur, the Mont Blanc Quartzite subtly complements every style. The Mont Blanc Honed Quartzite and the Mont Blanc Leathered Quartzite offer two distinct finishes that cater to different design aesthetics. While the former exudes an understated elegance with its matte finish, the latter offers a unique tactile experience, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your interiors.
FOR U STONE’s Luxurious Mont Blanc Quartzite Slab is as practical as it’s far aesthetically attractive. Use this fabric on countertops, counter splashes, kitchens, bars, and fireplaces. It also pairs properly with a selection of cupboard colorings and woods and blends effects with many layout patterns, even though it is maximum popular today in easy, much less-rustic packages.
Brazilian Exotic Quartzite is warm- and stain-resistant, making it a totally durable and realistic cloth. That’s why you could apply it to the whole thing from a incredible waterfall kitchen counter to a minimalist installation. And remember, we highly advise proper sealing on an eight-month to annual basis to hold out moisture and microorganisms at the same time as keeping its brilliant look.
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The timeless appeal of Mont Blanc Quartzite is its most significant advantage. It transcends fleeting design trends, embodying an aesthetic that remains relevant and admired across different periods. Mont Blanc Quartzite Countertops, whether in a bustling kitchen or a tranquil bathroom, stand as a testament to this timelessness. They harmonize with a wide array of design elements and color palettes, seamlessly blending into any decor while still maintaining their unique identity.

In essence, Mont Blanc Quartzite is a chameleon in the realm of natural stones. Its natural elegance can enhance any design, whether it’s meant to stand out as a stunning centerpiece or blend in with the overall aesthetic of a room. This ability to adapt and complement different design trends, coupled with its timeless appeal and durability, is what sets Mont Blanc Quartzite apart. It’s not just a stone; it’s a piece of nature’s art that brings a touch of the extraordinary into everyday living spaces.

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