Chinese Rose Red Rojo Alicante Franch Red Marble Slabs

Dive into the vibrant world of marble with the Rojo Alicante Classic Marble. A precious stone originating from the heart of Spain, this marble is a luxurious manifestation of nature’s artistic prowess. With a background of fiery reds offset by crystallized calcite veins, this unique material is a testament to the inherent beauty of our natural world, introducing a bold yet sophisticated touch to any design scheme.

Natural Marble Item: Rojo Alicante Red Spainish Marble Slabs For Flooring and Stairs Projects

Marble Color: Rojo Alicante Marble, Spanish Marble

Marble Slab: 120up x 240up in thickness of 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, etc;

Marble Tiles: 12”x12”x3/8” (305x305x10mm), 16”x16”x3/8” (400x400x10mm), 18”x18”x3/8” (457x457x10mm), 24”x12”x3/8” (610x305x10mm), etc;

Surface: Polished, Honed, Brushed 

MOQ: 300 SQM

Marble Floor and Wall Tiles Factory: FOR U STONE

Usages: FOR U STONE's Natural Marble perfectly for interior and exterior decoration in construction projects / excellent material for indoor decoration, widely used for wall, flooring tiles, staircase, Kitchen & Vanity etc.


Chinese Rose Red Rojo Alicante Spanish Red Marble Slabs

In the pantheon of marbles, the Rojo Alicante Classic Marble stands as a distinguished member, coveted for its robust personality and unmistakable Mediterranean warmth. This compact, fine-grained limestone rock is marked by an arresting red background, adorned with scattered veins of crystallized calcite, lending each slab a distinct, unique character.

A unique quality of the Rojo Alicante Marble is its versatility in finishing. For those who seek a luminous, reflective surface, the polished finish is the ideal choice. In contrast, a honed finish provides a matte, natural look that beautifully complements rustic decors. Whether polished or honed, the Alicante Rosso Marble is available in various formats, including slabs, tiles, and cut-to-size blocks, catering to a wide range of applications, from expansive flooring to detailed mosaics.

Rojo Alicante Marble Tiles and Countertops Supplier-FOR U STONE

Particularly well-suited for interior floors, walls, and staircases, the Alicante Marble Tiles can instantly transform a room into a Mediterranean haven. With their warm, earthy tones, these tiles infuse any space with an inviting, cozy ambiance, making them a perfect addition to living rooms, dining areas, and hallways. Furthermore, the Alicante Red Marble Tiles, with their eye-catching streaks, serve as an excellent choice for statement walls or central kitchen islands, where their vibrant hues can truly shine.

The red colour background with the striking white veins.

It catches the designer’s eyes for its special pattern.

It is suitable for flooring tiles, wall tiles, vanity tops etc. 

1. Our Features:

a. We are a big natural stone manufacturer in China Shuitou town;

b. We can supplier any kind of size you need for your project, Customized design;

c. An independent quality control team;


2. Usage:

CHINESE ROSE RED Marble is popular used for interior and exterior decoration, wall tiles and floor tiles, vanity top, countertops, etc.

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Red Marble with white veins


100% of Natural Marble

Surface Finishes

Polished, Flamed, Honed, Split, Tumbled, Sandblasted, 

Chiselled, Bush-hammered, etc.



12″x12″x3/10″ (305 x305 x 8mm)

12″x12″x3/8″ (305 x 305 x 10mm)

12″x12″x1/2″ (305 x 305 x 12mm)

18″x18″x1/2″ (457 x 457 x 12mm)

24″x24″x3/4″ (610 x 610 x 20mm)

Random slab size:

130upx250upx2cm, 130upx250upx 3cm,


Small slab size: 240-280×65/70x2cm, 240-280×65/70x3cm

Other Customized Size are Available


White, Black, Yellow, Rusty, Red, Pink, Green, Grey, Brown, Blue etc.

Hot sale

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Interior & Exterior Decoration

High Quality Natural Marble Slabs


Marmol Rojo Alicante goes beyond its decorative potential, exhibiting a remarkable set of physical properties. With a low absorption coefficient, high flexural strength, and excellent resistance to compression, this marble is a durable choice for areas exposed to frequent use or heavy foot traffic, such as kitchen floors, bathroom countertops, and commercial entryways.

The Red Alicante Marble, also known in the market as Marmol Roter Alicante or Marbre Rouge Alicante Marble, holds the power to elevate your space to new aesthetic heights. Ideal for use on countertops, the marble’s crystalline textures and red hues, interspersed with lighter veins, make it a focal point of any room. Paired with subdued wall colors, Rojo Alicante Marble Vanity Countertops can create a captivating contrast, bringing an air of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom or kitchen.

Rojo Alicante Marble

Rojo Alicante Marble

Rojo Alicante Spanish Marble

Rojo Alicante Red Marble

Rojo Alicante Red Marble Slabs

Rojo Alicante Marble Slabs

Rojo Alicante marble slabs

Rojo Alicante Marble Polished Slabs

Similarly, Spanish Red Marble serves as a fantastic material for exterior applications. With its excellent durability and unique visual appeal, this marble can be used for wall claddings, paving, and even decorative monuments, contributing an air of grandeur to any outdoor setting.

For larger projects, the Rojo Alicante Marble Tiles can be used in a variety of sizes. Ranging from the standard 12 x 12, 12 x 24, to larger formats such as 24 x 48, these tiles provide flexibility in designing expansive floor areas or complex mosaic patterns. For specialized applications, cut-to-size formats are available, enabling bespoke solutions for unique project requirements.

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Natural Marble Series from FOR U STONE

Whether you are a homeowner seeking to infuse warmth into your living space, or a commercial developer aiming to impress, the Rojo Alicante Classic Marble offers a perfect blend of aesthetic charm and practical resilience. Its radiant hues and distinctive veining patterns are bound to leave a lasting impression, while its durability ensures that its beauty can be appreciated for years to come. So, embrace the Mediterranean spirit with Rojo Alicante Marble, and let its organic charm captivate you and your guests alike.

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If you’re interested in our Chinese rose red rojo alicante french red marble slabs, welcome to buy the quality products at an affordable price with us. As one of the leading New Marble manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also support wholesale service. For more info, contact us now.

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