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What Is Marble Tile

Concept: Composite, which belongs to the technical structure component, that is, the combination of two or more different materials is called composite material. For example, natural marble and ceramic tiles are combined together into marble composite tiles. The noun is literally understood, specifically: the tile product with a double-layer structure, the upper layer is the board of directors, and the lower layer is the bottom of the tile, which are glued together with a solid adhesive to form a marble composite tile.

High intensity

In the early days, such products were high-end products, and now there are many brands, but there are not many strong brands and the production capacity will not be too large. The hardness of this type of product is increased, because the hardness of the stone is low, and the tile is added, it is much better. The whole stone is fragile, cracks along with the texture and easily returns to alkali, and the toughness is poor. Stone, making natural stone wear-resistant and greatly enhanced hardness.

2. Good construction

The biggest advantage of composite products is that they are lighter and easier to construct. The original stone is large, heavy, thick, inconvenient to lift, and difficult to process. The ceramic tile composite stone is relatively light. It can be directly used for the construction method of the tile, which can greatly reduce the crushing rate and installation cost. Tiles are much more convenient to use than stone. With the characteristics of tiles and the high-end characteristics of stone, they are much easier to construct.

3. Overall color coordination

Chromatic aberration is the main problem of stone and also the problem of ceramic tile. Therefore, combined, the chromatic aberration is reduced. After cutting thin natural stone, the utilization rate of the stone is greatly increased, and the color difference of the surface of the board is greatly reduced, which makes the stone more natural and more beautiful. Therefore, the stone composite tile reduces the cost, the utilization rate, and the color is coordinated.