How To Make Stone Polishing Correctly

How to make stone polishing correctly

Us a lot of stone care people have this feeling, stone recrystallization hardening is the stone polishing process is stone care the most difficult one off, a process is difficult to quantify the operation, a process in the operation of training workers spend most time on the project, with care the stone volume is more and more big, how to make polishing, this is a problem we must face.


Stone polishing although it is difficult to master, but not without rules, so how do we break the polishing, years of experience to share with everyone, we hope to help.


, easy to do polishing, we must first understand: the premise is to do a good job of polishing grinding, like to embroider the beautiful flowers on the brocade. Grinding is not to grind to 6000 or 10000 meshes, but to do the basic grinding.


, two to the late pre polishing, must do the waterproof treatment renovation, the basic conditions are: the brightness of a polished clean and dry, with the board. In these three conditions, the degree of drying is the most direct factor affecting the polishing effect, how to maintain the drying of stone, that is, before grinding, do a good job of waterproof treatment.


Three, understanding the physicochemical properties and lithology of stone material, choose a good polishing agent. To do the first stone polishing to choose a good job object material, how to choose it to understand the physical properties and chemical composition of stone stone, with a superb collection of beautiful things companies and products on the market, will not start, there will not be a waste of human and material resources phenomenon.


Four, to understand the use of stone polishing materials of various media: stone crystal hardening agent has five kinds of medium block, powder, paste, agent, paste, we must understand the characteristics of each medium and the advantages and disadvantages of the application in the nursing work, make stone in the concrete, to light the performance of stone, make good the same effect.


, five master stone polishing Essentials: multi media application, many varieties, many times the number of polishing, superposition is the foundation, is the result of quantitative qualitative change.


Master these, you can easily play the polishing stone.

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