Explosion Blue Quartzite

This stunning Explosion blue quartzite from FOR U STONE Inventory is a real showstopper as a luxurious building decoration stone for any interior floor, wall, stairs, and other particular usages. If you’re a fan of our famous Cipollino Ondulato Verde, this is the next level for your coming interior projects, such as hotels, malls, spas, and private residences.
  • Luxury Brazilian Quartzite Factory: FOR U Stone
  • Quartzite Color: Explosion Blue Quartzite, Blue Fusion Quartzite, Brazilian Quartzite
  • Exotic Quartzite Slab: (2200-2600)mm X (1300-1600)mm X 20mm (2200-3200)mm X (1300-1680)mm X 30mm
  • Quartzite Facade Tile: 800x800mm, 600x600mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 900x600mm
  • Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
  • MOQ: 300 SQM
  • Surface: Polished, Honed, Brushed, and Leathered
  • Application: Brazilian Luxury Exotic Quartzite Stones from FOR U STONE is suitable for Indoor Floor, Wall, Stairs, Columns, Stairs, and countertops in residences and commercial estate buildings. 


Brazilian Unique Wooden Pattern Quartzite-Explosion Blue for High-end Interior Projects 

At FOR U STONE, we apprehend that selecting the proper substances for your home or commercial enterprise is critical to attaining the desired look and feel. Our great Brazilian Exotic Quartzite series of Explosion Blue Quartzite slabs gives a captivating combination of splendor and sturdiness unequaled through other natural stones.

Explosion Blue Quartzite slab is a flexible desire for various programs in each residential and business setting. Its sturdiness and resistance to warmth and scratches make it a first-rate choice for kitchen countertops, even as its high-priced layout provides a hint of luxury to lavatory areas. It is also an exceptional desire for grand staircases, ornamental wall panels, and elegant floors.

1. Explosion Blue Quartzite Stone: A Testament to Nature’s Artistry

Explosion Blue Quartzite Stone is a harmonious mixture of power and visible attraction, showcasing nature’s artistry at its exceptional. Its lovely styles and colorful colors upload intensity and motion to any area, developing a captivating and timeless aesthetic that intends to remain for years.

2. Explosion Blue Quartzite Countertop: The Perfect Choice for Your Kitchen

Explosion Blue Quartzite Countertop is popular for kitchen countertops due to its durability, warmth resistance, and scratch-resistant properties. Its vibrant blue tones and precise patterns add beauty and comfort to any kitchen design, making it an ideal choice for conventional and modern spaces.

3. Elevating Your Bathroom Design with Explosion Blue Quartzite Vanity Tops

Explosion Blue Quartzite Vanity Tops is a notable choice for raising the layout of your toilet space. Its resistance to heat and scratches makes it a sensible preference, while its highly-priced design provides a hint of luxury to any restroom and gives any restroom a touch of luxury. Whether you’re looking to replace your main bathroom or visitor lavatory, Explosion Blue Quartzite Vanity Tops are positive to affect.

Explosion Blue Quartzite
Explosion Blue Quartzite


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  • Size Details of Explosion Blue Quartzite Slabs and Tiles
Products Name:
Fusion Blue Quartzite, Explosion Blue Quartzite, Brazilian Quartzite,
Slabs available
Tiles available 

305 x 305mm or 12” x 12”
400 x 400mm or 16” x 16”
457 x 457mm or 18” x 18”
600 x 600mm or 24” x 24”, etc
Normal exported 18mm thickness and 10-50mm are available.
Polished, honed, brushed, flamed, etc.
For internal and external decoration and construction.
Wall panels, floor tile, stairs, paving, wall cladding, countertop, and vanity are available.
1) Tiles & cuts to size in Fumigated wooden crates. The inside will be covered
by foamed plastics (polystyrene).
2) Slabs in a fumigated wooden bundle with L brackets.
Payment terms
30% by T/T in advance, balance by T/T before shipment

Quality Assurance 

During the production process, from material choice to fabrication to packaging, our quality assurance people will strictly control each process to ensure quality standards and punctual delivery.
Slabs, Tiles, Skirtings, Window sills, Steps and riser stairs, Kitchen countertops, vanity tops, Work tops, Bollars, Columns, Baluster&railing, curbstones. Paving stone, Kerb stone, Mosaic & Borders, Sculptures, fountain, bathtub&basin, etc


  • 18mm Polished Exotic Explosion Blue Quartzite Slab

Blue Explosion Quartzite, also called Nero Explosion and also called Explosion Blue, Fusion Blue Quartzite, or Explosion Blue with Viola Accent Colors, is a unique quartzite slab with many visual properties similar to marble slabs but with the extra durability of the quartzite material. Fusion Blue Explosion Quartzite with Polished Slabs or bookmatched Slabs are in stock and ready for immediate delivery at FOR U STONE.


4. Explosion Blue Quartzite Tile: A Durable and Stylish Option for Your Flooring

Explosion Blue Quartzite Tile is a long-lasting and elegant choice for your floor wishes. Its resistance to put on and tear, heat, and scratches make it an excellent desire for excessive-traffic regions, at the same time as its specific colorings and patterns upload visual interest to any area. Explosion Blue Quartzite Tile is a notable choice whether you want to update your kitchen, bathroom, or dwelling room floors.

5. Explosion Blue Exotic Quartzite: A Unique and Striking Addition to Your Space

Explosion Blue Exotic Quartzite is a unique and hanging addition to any space. Its colorful blue tones and complicated styles add visible interest and depth to any layout, making it a preference for assertion portions, including hearth surrounds or accent walls. Its durability and resistance to warmness and scratches make it a realistic choice.

Explosion Blue Quartzite Stone
Explosion Blue Quartzite Stone
Explosion Blue Quartzite Slab

Explosion Blue Quartzite Slab

Explosion Blue Exotic Quartzite

Explosion Blue Exotic Quartzite

6. Explosion Blue Brazilian Quartzite: A Premium Choice for Your Space
Explosion Blue Brazilian Quartzite is a top-rate desire for your space. Quarried from Brazil, this natural stone is thought for its durability, resistance to warmth and scratches, and specific styles. Its vibrant blue tones and striking patterns make it an ideal preference for excessive-quit residential and commercial projects.

7. Explosion Blue Quartzite Polished Slab: Making a Statement in Your Design

Explosion Blue Quartzite Polished Slab is a lovely desire for announcing your layout. Its excessive gloss end and problematic patterns add visible hobby and intensity to any area, even as its sturdiness and resistance to warmness and scratches make it a practical preference. Whether you’re looking to replace your kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, or some other area in your home or enterprise, Explosion Blue Quartzite Polished Slab is sure to electrify.

  • Chinese Leading Explosion Blue Quartzite Stone Factory In China | FOR U STONE

Chinese Leading Exotic Quartzite Slabs and Tiles Supplier FOR U STONE



Craftsmanship and Precision: At FOR U STONE, we apprehend the precision feel and capture the precision fee. Each Explosion Blue Quartzite slab is meticulously extracted and reduced, ensuring the give-up product complements your design aspirations.

Tailored to Your Needs: Whether you are adorning a luxurious motel or polishing up a comfy condominium, our good-sized series of tiles, walls, tables, and countertops guarantees something for every space. From hospitals to schools, department shops to sports activities venues, and workplaces to farmhouses, FOR U STONE’s services have more suitable limitless spaces, speaking volumes about our commitment to fine and style.With Explosion Blue Quartzite, you’re not just choosing a stone; you’re choosing nature’s artwork. Its bright colors and robust nature make it a sought-after choice among architects and owners alike. Explore the brilliance of Explosion Blue Quartzite with FOR U STONE and permit your spaces to exude timeless beauty.

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