Iran Grey Marble Pietra Grey Bulgaria Marble Slabs

Stone Type:  marble tiles
Primary Color(s): gray 
Brand Name: FORU STONE
Country of Origin: Iran 
Variations: Low 
Avaiable Finishes: Polished ,Honed, brushed etc
Usage: Flooring ,wall Tile, counter tops and vanity tops
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Product Details

iran grey marble pietra grey bulgaria marble slabs

Product detail:iran grey marble pietra grey bulgaria marble slabs

Iran pietra grey also called Bulgaria gray and Armani Gray,class gray with distinctive white veins.

With its competitive price,this marble is widely used for flooring tile,wall tiles,vanity tops,etc to 

create the stunning marble products in the commercial and residential properties.

The Quarry

Iranian stone Pietra Grey is a grey marble with small amount of white veins. Pagoda Build imports around 500 tons of top quality blocks monthly directly from Iran. Further processing of the material is performed in China where we produce finished products and export them to Europe and North America. Our cooperation with Iranian quarries of Pietra Grey has been successfully lasting for 5 years, which formed a very firm supply chain with guaranteed stability and quality from the best known quarries. Our experts personally travel to Iran every once in a while in order to closely monitor the quality of the stone before it is shipped to our facilities in China.

Physical Properties
Density, kg/m2 2610
Water absorption, %


Flexual strength in dry condition, MPa


Compressive strength, MPa


Radiation Class

Class A.
Approved for indoor and 
outdoor usage without limits.


Pietra Grey marble features uniform deep brownish-grey color with fine white veins. It is known as an excellent substitute to Italian Grey marble. To some extent it can even work as a good alternative to Emperador Dark and Nero Portoro. It makes excellent combinations with various materials and different surface textures. It is a great choice for wall cladding, flooring, fireplaces, countertops and other elements of interior decoration. After blocks are sawn into slabs by high-precision gangsaw machines, the surface of the slabs is treated by a dual component adhesive, using vacuum application method. This lets the resin penetrate deep into the stone structure and fill all the natural micro cracks and pores, which, combined with natural solidity and hardness of the rock, allows us to achieve high polishing degree and excellent look of resulting stone surface. This is considered to be an upgraded processing method, costing us around 2 extra dollars per sqm, which is included into the price of the stone.
Pietra Grey Sunny Gray Grey Marble Tiles Origins from Iran Exclusivly Supplied by Xiamen Pagoda-Build Free Sample

The most popular surface processing types include:
– Polishing
– Honing
– Acid treatment

One of the main features of Pietra Grey is its white veins, thus there is a great option to polish pairs of slabs as mirror reflection of patterns formed by veins, i.e. every other slab is polished at its back side and every pair of slabs is packed facing inside, which also prevents surface from damaging during transportation. The two slabs are then installed at the project next to each other, creating a “butterfly” effect – a very unique and outstanding designing solution for interior decoration projects. This paired processing costs around 2 dollars more per each sqm compared to random slabs polishing.

Pietra Grey Sunny Gray Grey Marble Tiles Origins from Iran Exclusivly Supplied by Xiamen Pagoda-Build Free Sample



The inner structure of this stone is represented by multiple veins and micro cracks that form random round-shaped spots that can be noticed at close-up look. This may be minimized by selecting only extra grade material, however, this natural property can not be completely avoided. This feature is not considered a defect, but consumers should be aware of it. High quality resin processing fills up all the cracks and pores, thus guaranteeing excellent mechanical properties of the material.

Place of Origin IRAN
         Besides regular sizes, we provide size customization services
Pietra Grey Slabs 1600up x 2400up x 18 63"up x 94.5"up x 0.71"

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