Blue Tiger Eye Stone Slabs

Immerse in the enchanting beauty of Tiger Eye Blue Slabs, a spectacular semi-precious gemstone renowned for its captivating hues and vibrant patterns. Perfect for enhancing the aesthetic value of various interior spaces, this blue gemstone slab presents a unique blend of luxury and durability, making it a much-coveted choice for those seeking an extraordinary design element.

  • Material: Tiger Eye Blue Gemstone Slabs, Blue Semi Preicous Gemstone 
  • Slab: 3000*1500mm, 1220*2440mm, customized size
  • Thickness: 18mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/custom
  • Cut-to-Size Tile: 800x800mm, 600x600mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm
  • Surface: High Polished, with Light Translucent Designs
  • MOQ: 100 SQM
  • Agate Stone Factory: FOR U STONE
  • Payment: T/T, 30% deposited First, Or L/C at sight
  • Usages: A luxury agate stone slab can be used to make tabletops, countertops, walls, floors, showers, and any stone design feature.


Top Quality Yellow and Blue Tiger Eye Semi Precious Stone Backlit Slabs

As one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in the industry, our passion extends to delivering a diverse range of high-quality products to meet our clients’ unique needs. One such offering is the blue tiger eye gemstone slab, a magnificent blend of style, substance, and sophistication, designed to augment the appeal of any space.

Aptly named after the mighty tiger, the blue tiger eye stone slab is characterized by its striking color palette and pattern, reminiscent of a tiger’s eye. These slabs feature rich, glistening shades of blue, interrupted by bands of lustrous gold and earthy browns – a captivating spectacle that reflects the fierce beauty of its namesake. This extraordinary color scheme and the dynamic, ripple-like pattern make tiger eye blue slabs an aesthetic focal point, regardless of where they are placed.

Tiger Eye Blue Gemstone Tables and Kitchen Projects-FOR U STONE

Luxury Semi-Precious Gemstone | Tiger Eye Blue Slabs: A Jewel of Nature for Extraordinary Living Spaces

Our blue tiger eye semi precious slabs are not only eye-catching but also versatile in application. These gemstone slabs can be tailored into various shapes and sizes, adhering to the specific requirements of our customers. The potential applications of these slabs are numerous – from flooring to countertops, vanity tops, claddings, and even as integral elements in both external and internal construction projects.

The beauty of tiger eye blue semi-precious stone is undeniably enchanting, but its appeal extends beyond its visual allure. The durability of this gemstone rivals its aesthetic appeal, making it an excellent choice for surfaces subject to frequent use, such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, bar tops, and backsplashes. With a tiger eye blue backlit slab, not only will you enhance your space’s visual appeal, but you will also invest in a long-lasting, quality material that withstands the test of time.


Basic Info

Model Number:

Blue Tiger Eye Slabs

Brand Name:

Xiamen For U Stone Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.


Yellow and Blue

Place of Origin:

Fujian, China

Stone Name:

Blue Tiger Eye Stone Slab


Blue Tiger Eye Gemstone

Stone Form:

Blue Tiger Eye Stone Big Slab


1.5/1.8/2.0/3.0 cm.etc

Blue Tiger Eye Stone Size:

120*240*1.5cm, 160*240*1.5cm, or customize

Blue Semi Precious Stone Application:

Vanity Top, Countertop, Table Top, Home Decoration.etc


Indoor Decoration

Surface finishing:


Quality Control:

Strict QC from block cutting to packing

Out packing:

Safe packing, wooden crate packing Inside: soft foam or as requested

Delivery time:


Standard Sizes of Semi Precious Gemstone 


Products Specification

Product Name

Blue Tiger Eye Stone Slabs


Blue Tiger Eye Stone Big Slab


Regular Thickness: 18mm, 20m, and customized

Diameter Size

Regular Size: 2440x1220mm, 3000x1500mm, and customized


According to the size, materials, quality, quantity

Discounts are available depending on the quantity you purchase.


Interior Wall, Floor, Countertop, Bar Top, Table Top, Bathroom Vanity, Sink, Bathtube, Luxury Furniture.


The material, size, thickness, finish,port can be decided by your requirement.

Tiger eye blue precious stone surface in brick design, premium surface for any interior decor project. Custom sizes tiles and slabs for perfect interior or exterior luxury construction.

Stone: Tiger Eye Blue.

Maximum Size Allowed (Length X Height): 120 inch x 72 inch.

Thickness: 10mm, 20mm or 30mm.

Luxury Interior Designs With Semi Precious Stone


Tiger Eye Gemstone Kitchen Wall Projoects High Quality Blue Tiger Eye Semi Precious Stone Countertops

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in our offering of blue gemstone slabs. Available in multiple dimensions, these luxury gemstone slabs cater to diverse project requirements. For instance, a full slab measures 240cm x 140cm (or 98.43″ x 55.12″), while a 1/3 slab measures 140cm x 80cm (or 55.12″ x 31.49″). In terms of thickness, customers can choose from 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5 cm, or 3cm slabs, equivalent to 0.5″, 0.7″, 0.9″, or 1.1″ respectively.

Elevating the allure of these blue gemstone slabs further, our backlit gemstone slab option allows the captivating hues of the Tiger Eye Blue to radiate beautifully when lit from behind, creating a stunning spectacle that leaves a lasting impression.

Blue Tiger Eye Stone Countertop and Tables Best Hotel And Villa Decor Precious Blue Tiger Eye Stone Slab Price

Tiger Eye Blue gemstone slabs are excellent choices for creating a stunning backlit effect in countertops and feature wall designs, thanks to their translucency and rich color patterns. When creatively incorporated into indoor designs, they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of various spaces, including hotels, luxury mansions, and other buildings.

These backlit gemstone slabs surfaces can be the focal point of the room, excluding a warm, inviting glow that enhances the overall ambiance. Whether it’s a posh hotel lobby, a luxurious mansion’s kitchen or bathroom, or the common area in a corporate building, a backlit Tiger Eye Blue backlit slab can significantly uplift the space’s look and feel.

Moreover, the Tiger Eye Blue’s unique play of colors and the sheen gives a dynamic, shimmering effect when light passes through it, further amplifying the backlit effect. This, combined with its natural resilience, makes Tiger Eye Blue an ideal gemstone for such applications.

Remember, the backlighting needs to be done professionally to ensure the light evenly illuminates the slab, enhancing its natural patterns and depth of color. Done right, the effect can be truly breathtaking, turning an ordinary space into something spectacular.

Luxury Semi Precious Stone Slabs and Countertop Factory


Quality Control

Quality Control

1. Select raw material

2. Monitor the whole process.

3. Check piece by piece, color difference control.

4. Well packed to prevent damage during long distance transportation.

Delivery, Shipping And Service

Packing and Loading about Blue Tiger Eye Stone Big Slab

Total cost of 50m2 from Xiamen, China to the United States to your destination.

New York port

Transit: 28 days (Xiamen, China to New York port)

$913+$2/km*? km (The distance from New York port to your destination.)

Long Beach Port

Transit: 13-14days (Xiamen, China to Long Beach port)

$761+$1.2/km*? km (The distance from Long Beach port to your destination.)

Note: the above costs are for reference only.

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Q1: What are your main products?

A: Our main products are: Slate series /Quartz series/ Granite series/ Marble series.

Q2: How to solve the quality problems after sales?

A:(1) Send us pictures/video of the issue occurred.

(2) Claim the insurance by contacting the insurance agent near you. After we confirm the problems, such as being caused by machines, carving, etc. Within three days, we will draw up the satisfying program for you.

Q3:Do you also make customized designs?

A: Yes. We can make different sizes as per clients’ drawings and pictures. We also provide CAD designs on request of customers.

Tiger Eye Blue slabs embody a perfect blend of natural beauty and robustness, making them an ideal choice for individuals seeking to incorporate an element of luxury and durability in their design projects. With its unique hues and patterns, the tiger eye blue gemstone slab holds the potential to transform any space into an extraordinary one, symbolizing not just luxury, but also a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature. So, explore the world of tiger eye blue slabs and let the beauty of nature find its place in your space.

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