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Marble Mosaic Floor Tile

Marble conservation principle

1. If it is to prevent efflorescence, rust, etc., silicone type marble curing agent is generally used; if it is to improve the comprehensive waterproofing and anti-staining ability, organic fluorine type marble curing agent is generally used.

2. Some structurally dense marbles are recommended to use oily marble curing agents. The oily marble curing agent has a strong penetrating power and can penetrate deep into the marble. For the general structure of marble, oily and water-based marble curing agents can be used.

3. For places that are easily polluted, such as restaurants, stoves, etc., it is best to use organic fluorine-type marble curing agent to improve the anti-staining ability of the marble surface.

4. For outdoor marble, silicone type curing agent can be used, but the product's UV resistance, water resistance and acid resistance are better.

5. For the marble installed by wet or grouting, it is recommended to use the special curing agent for the bottom of the marble. Moreover, it should also pay attention to the alkali resistance of the curing agent, which can not affect the bonding fastness between marble and cement, otherwise it will easily cause the stone to fall off.

6. For the film-type curing treatment of the surface of the rough surface marble, the film-forming marble curing agent should be made of silicone. This product has good hardness, high bonding strength and is not easy to yellow; it is best not to use acrylic acid as the material. Ground sealant for raw materials. This product is mainly used for the bottom seal. The use of marble on the surface will cause the marble to peel and discolor.

7. For darker-colored marbles, it is easy to change color after using protective agent. Therefore, when choosing a protective agent, you must first do a small sample test in an inconspicuous place.