Notes On Installing Marble Background Wall

In the home decoration, many friends pay more attention to the TV background wall, after all, this background wall also has a decorative effect. So what should be noticed in the decoration of the marble TV background wall? Let's learn together!

Part1: Preparing for the main points of marble selection and decoration planning

Using marble as the TV background wall, attentive friends should plan the overall decoration style in advance, which is mainly reflected by the space size planning, color style planning, and surface treatment planning of the background wall.

I. Space planning

When designing and planning, we must first consider the space size of the TV background wall, which can be determined according to the size of the TV and the size of the overall space. As for the size of a marble, 80 cm slabs are usually used for assembly. This makes it easier to transport and install, but some owners choose a large slab.

Second, material color selection

There are many types of marbles, with varying colors and textures. Dark marbles such as black and brown are distinguished by the atmosphere, and light colors such as white and beige are warm and full. There are simple and neat patterns to follow the elegant line, and there are also sharp and prominent patterns that bring a strong impact. However, it should be noted that no matter how you choose, the first principle is that the overall match must be appropriate.

Third, the surface treatment design planning

The glossy surface, especially the black marble, will destroy the overall visual effect once it reflects, and it makes people feel dazzling and uncomfortable, so the mainstream products today are mainly non-glossy designs that do not cause light pollution. In addition, when designing the spotlights of the TV wall, attention should also be paid to the problem of reflection. A small number of spotlights can make the room "golden brilliant" through reflection.

Fourth, wiring planning in advance

Marble is used for the environmental protection and durability of the background wall, but it is very troublesome to disassemble because it is fixed with a special adhesive. Therefore, in the decoration planning, it is necessary to plan the circuit layout as clearly as possible according to the placed appliances, so as not to find the embarrassment of the wires still exposed after check-in.

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