Rosa Levanto Marble

Immerse yourself in the magnificence of Rosso Levanto(Rosa Levanto), a Turkish Dark Purple Red marble that resonates with the harmony of nature's hues and the grandeur of centuries-old craftsmanship. This unique stone blends vibrant red, lavish burgundy, profound black, and serene white in a natural masterpiece that adds timeless elegance and stunning beauty to any setting. With applications extending from interior and exterior wall and floor applications to countertops, mosaics, and more, Rosso Levanto continues to shape architectural marvels around the world.

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Turkish Marble Item: Rosa Levanto Marble, Rosso Levanto Marble, Turkish Dark Marble
Marble Slab: (2200-2600)mm X (1300-1600)mm X 20mm (2200-3200)mm X (1300-1680)mm X 30mm
Marble Tile: 800x800mm, 600x600mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm

Thickness: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm

Surface: Polished, Honed, Brushed

MOQ: 300 SQM

Application: Natural Calacatta Marble For internal and external decoration and construction, Wall panel, floor tile, stairs, paving, TV background, countertop, vanity are available.


High Quality Rosa Levanto Marble Slab For Indoor Floor and Wall Tiles Projects

Quarried from the heart of Turkey, Rosa Levanto Marble (Rosso Levanto) is renowned for its striking color palette. It effortlessly fuses shades of dark red, burgundy, and cherry tones, creating a backdrop that is at once vibrant and elegantly subdued. The richness of its hues varies, infusing each Rosso Levanto marble slab with a unique aesthetic appeal.

The Turkish Dark Purple Red Marble-Rosa Levanto Marble’s veining, ranging from delicate threads to more robust patterns, gives it depth and adds intrigue. White, cream, or gray veins dance across the stone’s warm base, painting a breathtaking scene of natural beauty. The Rosso Levanto slab offers more than just aesthetic appeal – it brings with it an air of sophistication and luxury.

Rosa Levanto Red Marble Wall Tiles Projects-FOR U STONE

-Unveiling the Allure of Rosso Levanto: A Marvel in Marble

Processing options include polished, sawn cut, sanded, rockfaced, sandblasted, and tumbled forms, making the Rosso Levanto Turkish Marble versatile enough to fit into any design concept. When polished, this marble exhibits a smooth, reflective surface that further enhances its innate beauty. It unveils a richness of color and complexity of veining that can transform any space into a sophisticated haven.

As an ideal candidate for flooring, Rosso Levanto Marble redefines elegance. It serves as a spectacular foundation that can withstand heavy traffic while retaining its exquisite allure. Whether in a residential setting or a commercial space, such as a mall or office building, it promises longevity coupled with undiminished charm. For wall cladding applications, it adds a dramatic flair that can be both a spectacular backdrop and a standout feature.

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Basic Info

Model NO.: 
Rosa Levanto Marble Size:
Hotel, residential, commercial, etc.
Polished, Honed, Antique, Sandblasted etc
Delivery Time:
 10-15 Days After Order Confirmed
Fujian, China
Transport Package:
 Strong Seaworthy Wooden Bundles


/2.5/3cm, etc

Free Sample: 
For U HS Code: 
Rosa Levanto Red Marble Specification


1. Materials and Colors: Rosa, Red, purple

2. Origin: China and many other countries like Spain, Italy, Turkey, France, Iran and so on.

3. Size: 30*30*1cm/1.2cm/2cm, 30.5*30.5*1cm/1.2cm, 40*40*1cm/1.2cm/2cm, 45.7*45.7*2cm, 60*30/60*2cm, 80*40*2cm and so on. The sizes also can be customized.

4. Processing/Finishing: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Bush hammered, Chiseled, Sand blasted, Antique, Water-jet, Natural spit, Mushroom, Tumbled surface and so on.

5. Application/Usage: Inside and outside decoration, like floors, walls, gardens and so on.

6. Package: Fumigated wooden crates with foam or plastic

7. Payment: 30% deposit T/T in advance, the balance 70% should be paid against copy of B/L by fax or email.

8. Delivery: Within 20 days after receipt of deposit. (To be confirmed again when order is placed.)

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The Rosso Levanto marble tile is a preferred choice for countertops, mosaics, fountains, and pool and wall caps. It couples a high degree of functionality with an aesthetic charm that enhances any design project. Despite its luxurious appearance, this marble is notably durable and lends itself well to daily use, making it an outstanding choice for areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Marble Rosso Levanto, a Purple Red Marble Slab, also finds a special place in outdoor applications, as its natural colors harmonize beautifully with the outdoor environment. The marble can be used to create eye-catching fountains and stylish pool caps, adding a touch of elegance to outdoor spaces.

High Quality Rosa Levanto Marble Slab

Rosa Levanto Marble Slabs

Rosa Levanto Marble Slab

Rosa Levanto Red Marble Slabs


Rosa Levanto Red Marble, also known as Dark Red Marble, is commonly featured in spaces that require an infusion of warmth and character. This marble’s natural and captivating appearance provides a striking statement, making it suitable for both traditional and contemporary design styles.

Being a natural stone, the Rosso Levanto marble tile does exhibit variations in color, veining, and patterns. However, these variations contribute to the stone’s uniqueness, ensuring that each installation is truly one-of-a-kind.

Rosso Levanto Marble Slab

Rosso Levanto Marble Slabs

Rosso Levanto Red Marble Slabs

Rosso Levanto Marble 


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Quality Control

The quality of all products is strictly under our control, so we could make sure that what we offer to you is a superior and quality product. From the beginning of production to the examination of finished goods, we all try our best to avoid any mistakes carefully.

Delivery, Shipping And Service

Packing and Loading about High Quality Rosa Levanto Marble Slab

1)For Tile: packed in crate, every 6-10 pieces are in one foam/paper box, foam in the bottom of the crate

2)For Slab: packed in pallet, suitable for 240 * 120cm, etc. And this packing costs less than crate.

3)For Countertop: packed with foamed plastics, then packed in fumigated wooden crates, reinforced with metal 


1, What is your time making samples?
Usually we will take 3~10 days to make the samples.

2, What is your delivery time?
The time of delivery is 30-35 days after manufacturing begins.

3, What is the shipping port?
We ship the goods via Xiamen, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chongqing port.

4, What are your payment terms?
We accept a 30% deposit, after the shipment within 10 days.

Rosso Levanto Marble, revered for its beauty and appreciated for its versatility, offers an irresistible allure that can transform any space into a work of art. This Turkish marble’s rich palette and captivating patterns speak volumes about its ageless charm and elegance, while its durability and adaptability make it an excellent choice for various applications. Whether it’s gracing the floor of a luxury home, adorning a commercial building, or adding style to an outdoor space, Rosso Levanto continues to be a testament to the enduring beauty of nature. Experience the Rosso Levanto’s timeless appeal and let it bring your design visions to life.

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