where to buy agate slabs

where to buy agate slabs?

The turquoise veins and veils of the sky stretch like a veil of clear and chalcedony across the sky, and lovely amethyst shines from white spots that sometimes resemble moon craters. The orange is patterned against a gray background, but most of the plate is autumn foliage on the sidewalk.

where to buy agate slabs

I like the blue agate balls and nodules, which tend to be a little darker than my beloved Blue Lace. The tubers on this plate are on average 2.2 x 2 1 / 2, and the plates are red, white, gray and dark gray, all very beautiful, with tiny balls, curls and lace waves. I am inspired by red and brown, but I focus on green, it heals and brings optimism. This plate is a great example of a blue agate, which has a calming effect and evokes the optimism in me.

where to buy agate slabs

I love to see the fire and the color penetrating these beautiful agate geode plates, so I always take one as soon as I get one, wherever I find it. I love to cut it open to let the light shine through that brightens everyone who looks at it. It looks like the sun is shining when the light is shining through and I am blessed to be able to pick some of the most amazing pieces from the thousands of kilos of agates that are arriving.

where to buy agate slabs

This is one of the rarest agates and it is a blue agate geode plate, through which a series of blue spots flow. This is a very rare and beautiful piece of geodetic geotechnical material.

where to buy agate slabs

This clear, translucent agate is sometimes orange – orange colored, and sometimes dark brown – brown, but usually bright red or orange.


The blue pointed agate is a bit more expensive than the other agates, but it is still one of the most desirable colors in the agate world. This color can be found in many different colors, from blue to red to orange and even green to blue.


The yellow, black and reddish fragments combine to form a bluish-gray agate, but the plates have bright orange – pink and white outlines.


The agate geodes are hollow in the middle, whereby the quartz and amethyst tips known as druse are formed. The geode can be found in spheres or almond-shaped tubers that are only a few centimetres or many metres wide. On most plates, the chrysocolla is the main interest, but in some cases it is the only one.


For agate plates I like to put them on a stand display and let the light shine through the translucent bands of the stone. The bands vary in thickness from stone to stone, but they are usually equally thick or equally stony.


This agate coffee table has the added advantage that you do not need any additional decoration or accessories, which is perfect for a minimalist home. Agate elements on the wall provide an otherwise dull and uninspiring space in your home. You can give your walls a rocky edge, as well as a nice contrast to the other walls of your house, and even border your kitchen.


Who would like to drive slower and go easier through life, would be well advised to include agate in his collection. These agate book supports give your living room a splash of color and shine and at the same time let your guests and visitors marvel. As mentioned above, you can use agates and slabs in both traditional and innovative ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interior.


For the best results, however, you should only buy agate plates from renowned companies. These are almost all malachite agates and are sold at the same price as the other agates, but they are sold in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and sizes.


If the agate looks natural, a trusted seller will tell you whether it is treated or not, even if it is not in the same condition as other agates.


The most popular natural stones, usually preferred by designers and builders, are marble, granite and limestone. Agates can also be perfectly round, which is perfect for polishing and turning in bowls, cheese trays, plates and bookends. So when you select an agate geode, you should first see what catches your eye, not what is naturally tilted gravitationally towards it. Some designers around the world have described the perfect stone as the “perfect” stone for their designs, such as marble or granite.


Agate can be cut, seasoned and polished well and can be dyed easily to match your decor, and you will find cabochon beads and cameos made of agate. Here is an example of a color improved brazilian agate geode plate with an agate geode above it. There are many different types of agates in different colors and shapes, from white to red, blue to green.



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