Analysis Of Sandstone,limestone Conservation Five Must Not

Analysis of sandstone,limestone conservation five "must not.""

Release time: 2010-12-01 Author: China Stone Network

Sandstone is source rock, which is accumulated by weathering, denudation and transport in the basin. Rock consists of two parts, a fragment and an interstitial. Debris in addition to quartz, feldspar, but also white clouds, heavy minerals, debris and so on. Interstitial material consists of two components: cement and clastic base. Common cements are siliceous and carbonate cements; miscellaneous constituents mainly refer to finer particles of clay or silt deposited simultaneously with debris. The composition and structure of interstitial materials reflect the geological, structural, physical and chemical conditions for sandstone formation. Sandstone can be divided into three categories: quartz sandstone, feldspathic sandstone and lithic sandstone according to their sedimentary environment. Sand and sandstone constitute the main reservoirs of petroleum, natural gas and groundwater. Sand and sandstone can be used as abrasives, glass raw materials, and building materials. Some of the occurrence of sand and sandstone is rich in gold, diamond, zircon, ILMENITE PLACER, Jin Hongshi etc..

Sandstone conservation five "must not.""

(1) water can not be washed directly

Natural stone, like natural wood, is a porous material that can breathe and therefore easily absorbs moisture or invades it by dissolving it. If the stone absorbed water and pollution, will inevitably cause a variety of diseases such as crack, stone, weathering, fall off, float, vomit, water stains, rust, Bai Hua, fog face annoying problems. Therefore, stone should avoid washing with water or wet mop to wash the stone surface.

(2) non contact with non neutral articles;

All stone are afraid of acid and alkali. For example: acid granite often caused by pyrite oxidation and vomit phenomenon, decomposition of calcium carbonate contained in the marble surface caused by acid, erosion, alkali feldspar and quartz grain boundaries will erode the silicide crystal grain peeling phenomenon caused by granite. Therefore, non neutral articles destroy the mirror surface of the stone.

(3) without any wax

There are many kinds of wax on the market, such as water, wax, grease, sour wax, oily wax, acrylic wax and so on. These waxes basically contain acids and bases. Not only will it block the pores of the stone breathing, but also stained with dirt to form dirt. It will cause yellow phenomenon on the surface of the stone. If the pedestrian and circulation of goods of high frequency places must be waxing, you must please professional maintenance company with wax and maintenance guide.

(4) non neutral detergent should not be used indiscriminately

For the sake of fast cleaning effect, general cleaning contain acid, so if the long time use of unknown constituents of cleaning agent, will make the stone surface gloss lost, because of non neutral agents is the main cause of residual stone after the lesions produced.

(5) carpets and sundries are not covered for a long time

In order to keep the stone breathing smoothly, the carpet and sundries should be covered on the stone surface for a long time. Otherwise, the moisture under the stone can not be volatilized through the stone pores. Then the stone due to excessive moisture, moisture content increased to produce stone lesions annoying problem if you must, laying carpet, piled debris, please don't forget to often change must be kept clean.

Whether it is hard granite (hardness HRs88-111 + 4-7) or soft texture of marble (hardness HRs46-77 + 3-5), are not resistant to sand storms and soil particles of long-term devastation.

Because of the need to use dust collector and electrostatic mop from time to time, do a good job of dust removal and cleaning.

It is better to put a divider mat at the entrance of commercial space

Filter the sand from your shoes. It is better to change slippers at home and then reduce the chance of sand, dust and abrasion on the surface of stone. To regular maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, clean and luster is unable to let the beautiful stone to keep back the luster. Therefore, we must regularly request professional companies to send people to do maintenance and gloss regeneration maintenance work.

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