Artificial Stone Has Bubble, Stone Conservation Has Coup

Artificial stone has bubble, stone conservation has coup

Release time: 2017-08-25 Author: China Stone Network 

Artificial stone bubble, stone conservation coup


In natural stone resources increasingly scarce when the emergence of artificial stone and stone application greatly solves the problem of lack of resources. The artificial stone decoration, artificial stone slowly problems gradually emerge, such as the artificial stone surface often visible but not touch the bubble, really make people feel uncomfortable, how to use the way of the elimination of the stone, is also of concern for most people, and a stone stone care doctor look.


Artificial stone bubble for three main reasons:


1, filling water content beyond the normal target. The higher water content when the filler particle rate, around will constitute some small blisters, because the resin is an exothermic process, the heat release and destroy the balance of artificial stone particles blisters, blisters residual body of the artificial stone base, after curing the appearance of bubbles phenomenon will appear.


2, artificial stone production in the process of mixing air into the artificial stone base body.


3, resin and curing agent ratio properly, residue on the stone surface of the matrix bubble can not be discharged.


Stone removal in one of three ways:


1, oscillating bubble removing method. The use of this method should pay attention to the artificial stone in amplitude and frequency and the oscillation amplitude of the time, the general assembly so that the filler deposited into the template surface, forming a resin, curing slow, low temperature heat release factors; while the other side is rich in resin, fast curing, high temperature heat, prone to warping phenomenon.


2, chemical defoaming method. The blocking agent (also known as defoaming agent), which is used to retard the curing of resins, prevents resin polymerization in the early stage, and after a period of time, the resin can be polymerized at normal speed so that the bubbles have enough time to exhaust. The use of this method has little effect on the heat release by resin solidification.


3, mixing vacuum method. The mixing negative pressure is adopted to make the artificial stone material which has not been formed remain in a "movable" state, which is favorable for chemical reaction and easy to remove bubbles in the process of mixing.


The above three ways, especially in the first and third kinds of artificial stone stone conservation clean use of bubbles is more useful and reliable. The second approach, simple as it is, is too costly for mass production.