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Marble is a kind of rock represented by marble, including carbonate rock and related metamorphic rock, which is generally soft relative to granite. Common rocks are marble, limestone, dolomite, skarn and so on. Marble varieties are divided according to different nomenclature principles. Some are named by origin and color, such as Dandong Green and Tieling Red. Some are named by pattern and color, such as snow white and mugwort green. Some are named by pattern image, such as autumn scenery and sea waves. Some are traditional names, such as Han Baiyu and Jingmoyu. Therefore, the phenomenon of homonymous or homonymous rocks often occurs because of different origins.

According to the basic color of polished surface, marble produced in China can be roughly divided into seven series: white, yellow, green, grey, red, coffee and black. Each series can be divided into several sub-categories according to its polishing surface color and pattern characteristics, such as: Han Baiyu, rosin yellow, Dandong green, Hangzhou gray, etc. Marble patterns and grain size vary in many ways, such as landscape pattern, cloud pattern, pattern pattern pattern (thread, willow leaf, cultural image, paleontology, etc.) and snowflake pattern. Modern architecture is colorful and constantly changing, therefore, decorative marble also requires a variety of colors, can be matched for different parts of the building. Monochromatic marble is generally required to be uniform in color; colored marble requires gradual transition of pattern and shade; pattern marble requires clear pattern, bright pattern and strong pattern regularity. In a word, beautiful design, easy to splice decoration in a large area, and can be supplied in batches with the same color.

The chemical composition of marble does not play a major role in whether it can be used, but it can directly explain the lithology and indirectly affect the physical and chemical properties of marble. It has a certain significance for the evaluation of processability, weathering resistance and corrosion resistance of marble.

The physical property of marble is an important index to judge its machinability, and it is also an important reference for its performance and scope of use.

Marble mineral resources in China are extremely rich, with large reserves and many varieties, and the total reserves rank among the top in the world. According to incomplete statistics, it is preliminarily found that there are more than 400 varieties of domestic marble, among which the varieties of flower and color are more valuable as follows.

About White Marble
White marble, good quality excellent, the color is pure white moisturizing vitalizing, pure and elegant, compact structure, texture hard, high compressive strength and water absorption is small, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, strong, good freeze resistance, durability and decoration of all good features.

White Marble Products
We can provide you white marble tiles, white marble slabs, white marble handrails & balustrade, white marble stair steps & windowsill, white marble fireplaces, white marble mosaic & cultural stone, white marble border line & baseboard, white marble countertop, white marble carving & sculpture, ect

Quality Control
Polished Degree: 90 degree up; Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.5, +/-1mm
Mainly for hotels, restaurants, monumental buildings, such as the lobby, lobby walls, floor, Dado, plinth, stair and column surface finishes, can also be used to bar, help desk, billing, home decor, as well as the production of monuments, headstones, also can be used to produce a sculpture.

Popular size:
Tiles: 30.5X30.5, 40X40, 45.7X45.7, 30.5X61, 61X61cm
Slabs: 180× 60/70/80/90 cm Up, 250up× 130 cm up etc
Cut-to-size: 30× 30, 60× 30, 60× 60, 180× 90, 100× 100 cm
Countertops: 96"× 26"× 3/4" 108"× 26"× 3/4"
Other sizes are available due to your request


                                                (China) Statuary White Specification
  TYPE %
CaO MgO SiO2 AI2O3 Fe2O3 TiO2 SO3 K2O Na3O
Medium Grain 55.43 0.31 0.39 0.10 0.095 0.014 0.009 0.04 0.056
Fine Grain 55.43 0.33 0.37 0.05 0.088 0.02 0.003 0.16 0.062
ORIGIN :                                                CHINA 
COLOR :                                                WHITE
                                                              Technical Characteristics
BULK DENSITY:                              2.75               g/cm3
FLEXURAL STRENGTH :                              17.2                MPA
WATER ABSORPTION:                              0.22                  %
COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH:                              37.2                MPA

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