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September 2017, "China SHUITOU stone index" aspect of the month – sales declined, the boom index fell slightly

Update time: 2017-9-30 16:27:02

Sales have declined and the recession index has dropped slightly

–2017 September, "China SHUITOU index" aspect of the month

According to "China head stone index" information system monitoring, September stone climate index closed at 112.41 points, a decline of 1.78 points, down about 1.56%. Compared with the same period last year, an increase of 35.66 points, an increase of about 46.5%. In September the index steadily, the enterprise sales volume significantly reduced, output declined, sentiment index fell slightly this month.

First, the prosperity index aspect

China SHUITOU Stone Index

Based on several main indexes of production, sales, inventory, orders, labor and economic benefits in comparison with the previous month and next month to boom market survey and forecast, subjective judgments of the results were statistically, September stone index closed at 112.41 points, down 1.78 QoQ, down about 1.56%. Compared with the same period last year, an increase of 35.66 points, an increase of about 46.5%. In September, the boom index fell slightly, but the boom remained at a high level.

According to the survey results, about 35.8% of the sample enterprises this month think that the indicators have increased over the previous period, about 51.9% believe that the indicators were unchanged from the previous period, about 12.2% believe that the indicators decline over the previous period. Compared with last month's indicators, the indicators this month accounted for relatively close to the previous period, accounting for only a slight change in data. The proportion of growth over the previous period has risen by 1 points; the balance rate has fallen by 3 points.

China SHUITOU Stone Index

From the indicators and August data comparison, this month, the sample enterprises believe that the growth of the previous period accounted for the largest indicators of production, sales, business inventories, accounting for 37.8%, 35.6%, 33.3%. This month, the sample enterprises believe that the previous period is flat, accounting for the largest indicators, followed by labor and labor, enterprise inventory and contract orders, accounting for 75.6%, 62.2%, 51.1%. And that the decrease in the previous period, accounting for the largest indicators of sales and order contracts, accounting for 17.8%. Compared with August, the prosperity index, this month that the chain index growth rate has declined from the previous month for enterprise sales, employment and economic benefits; in addition to that proportion of economic benefits and labor base indicators with the previous month, the other declined; and that the decline in the proportion of the inventory and employment declined last month, the other is increased.

The forecast for the next month the boom of sample enterprises, enterprises of the sample in September monthly business judgment under their own operating conditions: 53.3% that will be stabilized for the better, 37.8% will be considered fair, 8.9% think will decline. Sample enterprises on the stone industry next month, the overall view of the king's tolerance is: 48.9% think it will rise, 40% think will be flat, 11.1% think will decline. Compared with August, these two indicators have shown a good trend.

Two, the monthly price index aspect

According to monitoring the system, the stone price index closed at 96.03 points in September, down 0.22 points, or about 0.23%, and the stone price index declined slightly this month. The monthly price index was 99.37 points, still close to last year's price. Among them, other stone kind price continues to be equal, granite price rises slightly, and marble kind and synthetic marble class price all show the trend that drops. From the week price index trend, this month stone week price index all the way down, the highest price at the beginning of the month, to the end of the month the price for this month.

Marble price index closed at 97.04 this month, compared with August down 0.09 points, down about 0.10%, a slight downward trend. Monthly price index was 99.81 points, close to last year's price, but still lower than the same period prices. This month the marble price index continued to decline, the highest price at the beginning of the month, at the end of this month to the lowest price. This month the marble product price is unchanged from last month, blank price rose slightly, but the price is a big way down. Respectively: 10.31, 98.1, 93.67. On the part of plate prices fluctuate with market conditions, in August prices, prices fell sharply this month, there are many large inventory price deal this month, and some large fineness poor, reticulate is not clear, the price was down regulated. Compared to the price volatility change plate, blocks and finished this month the price remained stable, little change.

This month the granite price index closed at 88.77 points, an increase of 0.06 points, up about 0.06% this month, granite price index rose slightly; year-on-year monthly price index for 95.76 points, more and more close to the same period last year the price. Although the weekly price index showed an upward trend, but the change was small, first, second, Zhou Chiping, third weeks after the price rose slightly, the fourth week continues to remain stable. This month, prices rose slightly in addition to granite blocks, slabs and finished goods prices were flat, closed at 74.49, 100, 89.06. This month the price fluctuations in the market adjustment with granite demand stabilized, granite prices steady, no change.

Synthetic marble class prices closed at 101.95 points this month, down 1.12 points, down about 1.08%, the monthly price index of 101.81 points, compared with the same period last year, prices are still rising. The price of synthetic marble dropped sharply this month, while the weekly price index fell sharply in mid – term and remained stable at the end of the month. The plate and product prices were flat, plate prices dropped, and last month rose sharply in contrast, monthly price index is located just average; were closed at 103.16, 119.79, 100.21.

Other stone class this month

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