How agate slabs are made

Turning agate into a natural art decor has always been one of my favorite pastimes, and I love seeing the fire and color that goes with it, so I always pick one up as soon as I get it, wherever I find it. It looks like the sun that shines when the light shines through, but when you shine a light through it, it can actually look like a sun – red – carnelian agate. I loved to slice it to make it glow and brighten the eyes of everyone who looked at it, as well as the color.


While I made sure to pick some of the funniest stones, others can have as much fun, if not more, than any other stone.

    How agate slabs are made

They can also be perfectly round, which is great for polishing and forming in bowls, cheese trays, plates and bookends. I # ve worked with clients to place large agates outdoors on a rock, or I call them turtles, because they usually have the shape of a turtle shell and are used to polish the outside of exposed chalcedony rings. Quartz, the central leaf of the crystal, has no interior, so it is perfect for transforming into functional decor for table tops.


I am blessed to be able to choose the most amazing pieces from the thousands of kilos of agates I find. As a mother of twins and a business owner, I am constantly stressed – and relieve my business and life.


The marbled Crazy Lace agate brings optimism, the red and brown agates are inspired, blue agates are infused with calm, and the marbles of the crazy tip bring optimism. Agate can be easily colored to match your decor, but please note that some colored pieces are UV sensitive, especially pink, purple and scribbled, so be sure to protect them from direct sunlight. They come in a variety of natural colours, from carnelian, a dark orange, to red, blue, violet, yellow, oranges, green and blue – all natural colours. I focus on green stuff in particular – it heals and heals me and brightens a room or room in my home.


It is important to know whether you are coloring a piece or using it in an environment where it could get wet. When it gets wet, the paint bleeds out, ruins the agate look and can cause damage to the piece.


So if you select agate geodes, you will see what catches your eye first and what stoned you naturally. It is fascinating how the body of the stone is so different from that of agate, which is a popular crystal for energy and healing work. They also say it improves your ability to communicate openly and clearly, which is useful as it is more balanced.

    How agate slabs are made

Who would like to drive slower and go easier through life, would be well advised to include agate in his collection. Found all over the world, the difference in color and pattern is what distinguishes a piece of agate. Some of my favorites come from Soledade in Brazil, but look no further than the very long-lived and strong agates in the United States. These are perfect for use in decoration, and they are also used as decorative pieces for your home or office.


Agate comes in many different forms, such as gold, silver, platinum, copper and even gold. Dig a large hole and then the land can go to plant plants or livestock, or dig a hole in the earth and dig for agate. 

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