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What are granite tiles

Granite countertops are available in a wide range of colours and patterns and are equipped with granite tiles for your countertop. Stone Tile offers a variety of granite tiles in different sizes, colors, shapes and finishes.


Granite tiles can actually be used for a variety of applications, but your imagination is limited only by the size, shape and color of your granite tiles and the type of floor you use.


What are granite tiles


What are granite tiles


Discover inspired granite tile galleries that show different materials and shapes to create your patterns and styles. Southern California is home to Westside Tile & Stone, where you will find a wide range of granite tiles for home and office use. It offers you a high density and resistance, which is found in many different flooring types such as granite, sandstone, marble, granite and granite tiles.


If that doesn't bother you, then granite countertops are a great way to purchase a high quality and affordable alternative to marble or sandstone. While granite of all kinds improves the appearance and resale potential of your home, some tiles have value – which increases the effect. However, in terms of colour, these tiles have a narrow colour range because they are obtained from small deposits of granite, or slabs that are. If you are looking for a granite tile for your home or office, you can browse and shop directly on the Marble & Granite website.  


If you are ready to learn more about granite tiles, you can make an appointment to visit our showroom and meet one of our natural stone tile experts.


Also talk to your installer about the best way to care for your new floor, including whether there is a recommended cleaner specifically for granite tiles.


If you have any concerns, it is advisable to have the granite tile counter installed by a professional contractor. Even with a high price, it has many advantages to choose granite slabs over countertops. If granite is on your wish list but not in your budget, or if you are more concerned about the cost and appearance of granite tiles compared to granite countertops, then installing granite tiles may not be the best conversion solution for you. Always consider having the work done by trusted professionals, and then you will know whether there is a difference in cost, appearance and quality between the two types of tiles and whether you prefer them.


Granite tiles are not only practical, but also give kitchens, bathrooms and even business premises a sense of opulence. If you want to catch the view of your guests, decorate the hallway, kitchen, bathroom and living area with white granite tiles. You can also create a truly coherent look by using granite as a tile countertop and backdrop for your patio. Granite tiles can be arranged in such a way that the natural variation in tone and structure creates an optically appealing tile field.


A major difference you will notice with granite tiles is the grout used on the tiles. The truth is that there is no easy way to repair any type of tile, including ceramics, porcelain, granite, marble and stone. It is also important to note that most granite tiles do not have polished edges, so if you decide to model square edges just below the worktop overhang, please note that you use professionally laid tiles with minimal grout. ]


If you have granite tiles, you need to clean them immediately, so make sure you clean anything that ever spills onto them before you ever spill anything on them. It is important to seal the granite regularly, regardless of the granite size you choose, and it is also important that you seal it regularly.


What are granite tiles

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What are granite tiles


Regular inspections of granite tiles and countertops must be carried out to check for cracks or chips.


To create a seamless impression on a granite slab, use the largest tiles available and choose a suitable joint that disappears in the design, or use grout on all granite tiles and use them all. It is also recommended to seal the granite tiles and countertops to give them a shiny finish and protect them from the sun. Sealants can also be used, but the laying of granite tiles must be very time consuming, completely hardened and provided with grouting.


If you love the look of a granite slab but not the price, there are alternatives to using granite tiles instead. If you are lucky, you may discover a granite counterband and granite tile that match and have the profile you want.


Granite tiles are a significant cost saving compared to granite tiles, so try them in your kitchen, bathroom, living room or even your office.


They hold well outdoors and tend to be slippery in wet conditions, so if you are installing them outdoors, consider a flamed surface. However, if you want to lay granite floors on an outdoor terrace, you should opt for granite floors or tiles with a flamed surface, as these would not cause any damage to the outside. Granite tiles and countertops are a smart option for those who want lasting value and do not worry about saving up to 50% in costs compared to a full granite slab installation.