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How to accurately measure the size of the opening?

How to accurately measure the size of the opening?





1. The hydropower renovation and wall renovation must be completed.


2. The horizontal lines are available. The floor paving stone room must be leveled, and the height of the wall, floor and floor should be determined.


3. Determine whether the flat wall should add or shave off part of the wall stack.




2. Measurement method: door opening (doorway)

Regular doorway


1. Measure the height of the doorway: measure the height (from the ground to the top of the doorway) in sequence at the left, center, and right points, and measure the inside and outside openings, and take the maximum value.


2. Measure the width of the doorway: Measure the upper, middle, and lower points of the width in sequence. Both sides need to be measured to take the maximum value.


3. Thickness measurement: measure the thickness of the left and right walls and the top wall separately, and take the maximum value. Finally, record the measurement result on the notebook or the wall.




Irregular doorway


The door hole needs to be corrected with cement mortar or blockboard to make a regular rectangle, and the subsequent measurement is the same as the above method.




Third, pay attention to the door

1. Subtract the width of the new door stack


If there is no door stack on the left or right side of the door opening, or if the door opening is opened on a thinner wall, a fake door stack needs to be installed, and the thickness of the fake door stack is the same as the wall thickness of the opposite door.


Then the actual width of the doorway = the original width of the doorway-the width of the newly added door stack.




2. Reserve the thickness of the ground material


When measuring the rough house, you need to add the floor or tile thickness on the basis of the measured data.


Four, suggestions



1. It is recommended for stone customers to measure the size after installing the stone.


2. The installation of stone will produce powder and dust, it is recommended that the homeowner should protect it from dust before installation.