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In The Black And White Era, What Kind Of Stone Glue Is Most Suitable

In the black and white era, what kind of stone glue is most suitable?


The trend of the times


In recent years, black and white and gray tone have become a hot trend of decoration, and the white marble natural stone is very popular. When the elegant and noble white stone meets the high standard of stone glue, we will see the first-class fine stone.

Excellent adhesion, good light sense, can be integrated with stone


White stone pure and soft texture

With light and natural stone glue



The white stone is precious and luxurious, and the color is white like jade. If you don’t pay attention to it during the installation process, it will easily cause yellow spots and other problems. Yalun’s new “small black pot” porcelain white glue, your best choice!



Porcelain white glue


Black and white, always a timeless classic

Yalun’s “Little Black Can” porcelain white glue, the best in stone glue!