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Marble Carving Art – Round Carving

Round carving, also known as three-dimensional carving, is the art of sculpture on the overall performance, the viewer can see from different angles on all sides of the object. It requires the sculptor to carve the former, after, left, right, upper, middle and lower. It is the most basic techniques of stone carving.

Round carving in general from the front "carving", and at the same time require special attention to the works of the various angles and the unity and harmony of the position, only in this way, round carving works can afford all-round viewers.

As the round carving works very three-dimensional, vivid, realistic, vivid, so the choice of marble carving more stringent, from the length and breadth to the thickness must have the appropriate proportion with the physical, and then the sculptors were proportionate " The "Ban billet" is the first program in the round carving, is also an important part, especially the large round carving works, but also need to first in the soil "billet", to be revised after the "draft", and then officially on the marble "Billet". The purpose of "billet" is to ensure that the various parts of the sculpture can be strictly in proportion to the requirements of the regulations, and then move the knife to carve vivid works.

With the passage of time, stone theme continues to widen, stone techniques are also constantly rich development, in the round carving techniques on the basis of the emergence of engraving, chain carving. In the performance of the content, but also by the independent development of individuals to individuals, animals and landscapes, such as the combination of large-scale group carving, which makes the carving from the techniques to the content of the works are more abundant and perfect. The same carving works, often round carving, carved carved, chain carving and other techniques through the mastery.