Marble Classification

The name of the marble division, naming principles are different, and some to the origin and color of the name of the name, such as Dandong green, Tieling red, etc .; some to the pattern and color name, such as snow white, Ai Yeqing; Image naming, such as autumn scenery, waves; some of the traditional name, such as white marble, crystal jade and so on. Therefore, due to the origin of different similarities often similar or different rock phenomenon of the same name.

China produced by the marble according to its basic color, can be divided into white, yellow, green, gray, red, coffee, black seven series. Each series according to its polished surface color and pattern characteristics can be divided into several sub-categories, such as: white marble, rosin yellow, Dandong green, Hang ash and so on. Marble pattern, the size of the grain size of the ever-changing, there are landscape type, cloud type, pattern type (thread, willow, text, ancient life, etc.), snow and so on. Modern buildings are colorful and constantly changing, therefore, the decorative marble also requires more varieties, multi-color, can be used for supporting the different parts of the building. The general requirements of the monochrome marble color uniformity; color marble requirements pattern, the gradual transition of the depth; pattern marble requires a clear pattern, distinctive color, pattern regularity. In short, beautiful color, easy to stitch a large area of decoration, with the color of the bulk supply as well. The Chinese marble process classification is shown in Table 4.25.1.

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