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Marble Floor Tiles

The method calculation of Stone 

1,The calculation of the area and quantity of stone has certain special characteristics. In the stone industry, the standard calculation method for common specifications is as follows: Non-rectangular plate (profiled plate): Calculate the area according to the rectangular plate that can cut the shaped plate, and add the special cutting fee. Curved plates and curved lines: Calculate the arc length by the diameter of the largest arc. Such as the calculation of the column and the column. Sector plate: Calculate the area according to the rectangular plate from which the sector plate can be cut, and add a special cutting fee. Sector line (calculated in length): Calculates the length by the maximum arc length. The fan wave is calculated in the same way as the fan line. When the straight line hits the corner, it is calculated according to the maximum length of the single line. The bonded parquet is calculated according to the actual area. However, the unbonded parquet can be calculated by the unit price of the mosaic according to the actual area (it can also be calculated according to the first and third methods described above). Therefore, the supply area or quantity of stone may differ from the area or quantity after the actual installation is completed. This is a normal phenomenon.

2,The arc shape is calculated according to the area of the normal size before processing [not processed into an elliptical arc], and the processing fee is added. The thickness of the stone must be calculated. The price of the raw material is not the same, and the processing difficulty is different.