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Nine Simple Conservation Methods, So That Stone Forever Youth

Nine simple conservation methods, so that stone forever youth

Release time: 2017-06-20 Author: China Stone Network

First, carpet and sundries can not be covered for a long time

Stone to keep breathing, should be avoided on the surface of the stone on the long-term coverage of carpet and debris, otherwise the moisture stone by stone pores can not volatilize. Stones can cause moisture problems due to excessive moisture and increased moisture content. If you must lay carpet and pile up sundry things, please don't forget to move frequently.

Two, to the immediate removal of pollution

All the stones are natural pores, pollution sources (oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink etc.) can easily penetrate into the interior of the stone along the pores, forming a hate stains. Therefore, we must select a special quality stone special protective agent to prevent pollution sources pollution of stone. You know all the protective agent can not be 100 percent long-term stop pollution, so once the source of pollution from the stone must be removed immediately to prevent ingress of stone pores.

Three, keep ventilation drying

Stone afraid of environmental humidity is too big. Water vapor will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of stones, resulting in water spots, whitening, weathering, erosion, rust, yellow and other diseases, and destroy stones, so the installation of stone should always be ventilated and dry.

Four, attention should be paid to the choice of protective agent varieties

Protection construction of stone must keep stone breathable and waterproof, anti fouling. Can not use the unknown protection agent, so as not to fail to achieve the protection effect, but increased the difficulty of stone maintenance.

Five, regularly protective treatment

To keep the stone life, water permeability barrier and pollution sources, must be regularly (as the type of stone and protective agent and quality. It's better to do 1~2 treatments in 1~3 years for protection.

Six, regular maintenance, maintenance of luster

Light by dust, clean is unable to let the beautiful stone keep luster does not fade, so be sure to please the professional stone maintenance personnel do regular maintenance and regeneration of gloss maintenance work. Such as: the use of crystal liquid to make marble surface re crystallization, or the use of polishing powder, artificial marble or granite surface regeneration gloss, or the use of breathable gloss protector, etc., can make your stone as long as new.

Seven, must be kept clean

Whether hard granite (HRs88-1114-7 hardness) or soft (marble hardness HRs46-773-5) long torn were not tolerant of wind sand and soil particles. Therefore, we should always use dust remover or electrostatic mop, do a good job of dust removal and cleaning. Commercial space entrance, it is best to place dust pad, to avoid shoes with sand, scratching stone, preferably after changing into slippers, reduce sand, dust, wear stone surface.

Eight do not mess with non neutral cleaning agent

Stone afraid to encounter strong acid and alkaline liquid, clean stone can not be ignored for the sake of fast cleaning detergent composition. General cleaning agents contain acid-base properties. So if the long time use of the unknown components of the cleaning agent, will make the stone surface gloss lost. In addition, the main stone stone lesions produce non neutral drug residue is the day after.

Nine, can not arbitrarily waxing

On the market a wide variety of water-based wax, wax, stearic acid wax, wax, wax oil acrylic etc.. These waxes basically contain acids and bases. Not only will it block the pores of the stone breathing, but also stained with dirt to form wax scale, resulting in the yellow surface of the stone. In place of the pedestrian and circulation of goods of high frequency must be waxing, it must ask professional maintenance company with wax and maintenance guide. Natural stone after surface treatment can become excellent decorative materials, protective and decorative effect on buildings in many respects shows its superiority, its beautiful patterns and natural color, than other decoration products more unique charm. However, if the stone is not properly cleaned and maintained, its natural charm will gradually disappear. Be sure to conserve stone.