Precautions For Installing Marble Background Walls

Part2: Construction steps Introduction to the construction method of a marble background wall

After the decoration is planned, the construction method is introduced below. The natural marble material is generally heavy. To ensure safety, a double insurance installation method is generally used. That is, the board is first connected to the base skeleton and then reinforced with glue.

First, grassroots processing

To install the background wall, first, perform the base treatment of the wall. The grassroots wall must be cleaned, and there should be no floating soil and floating ash. Level it and apply a moisture-proof layer.

Second, the keel is installed and fixed

For heavy marble slabs, the use of steel keels can reduce the impact of slabs on the wall surface and improve the overall seismic resistance. According to the plan, the wall is drilled and buried with fixing parts, the keel is welded with the wall fixing parts, and the support frame is then welded with the keel. The keel is required to be installed firmly and level with the wall.

Three, marble board installation

In the stone installation, the overall horizontal and vertical control lines should be pulled well. The slate must be installed on the support frame. First, fix the lower hole of the marble slab, insert the support bracket pendant, fine-tune the locking and then fix the upper and side of the stone, and finally connect the anchoring agent in the space to strengthen the plate.

Fourth, slate caulking process

After the marble slab is installed, the gap between the slab and the slab is bonded. First clean up the dust and impurities in the gap, fill the gap with foam strips, and sticky tape on the edge of the board to prevent the adhesive from contaminating the marble surface. After gluing, the glue seam is required to be smooth and straight

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