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Stone Ground Construction Technology, Quality Requirements And Common Problems

Stone ground construction technology, quality requirements and common problems

Release time: 2017-09-28 Author: China Stone Network

Jianling brick and stone brick (cement brick pavement) requirements


. construction process requirements


The 1, various surface plate varieties, quality must meet the design requirements.


2, Dalian (brick and cement brick) should be classified according to the color and pattern, cracks, off angle and defects on the surface of the plate should be removed, labeling, different varieties of plate should not be mixed.


3, dial: sewing, dressing paved brick, pull trim dial seam, seam will find straight, and redundant mortar joints will sweep out, brick tapped, such as bad brick should be replaced.


4, along the pavement longitudinal and transverse direction of two row size, width should be lower than 5mm, when the ratio of insufficient size of a block brick can cut half brick for corner; the size difference is small, can adjust the gap, have been identified according to the number and width of the brick. With the construction of vertical and horizontal line of control and strictly control the founder.


Two, the quality of basic standard:


1, all kinds of surface plate surface clean, clear pattern, consistent color, uniform seams, surrounding straight plate no crack, and lack of edge off angle phenomenon.


2, pavement slope meets the design requirements (minimum of not less than 0.3%), do not pour flashing, no water, and the water outlet joint close and firm.


3, various surface layer adjacent the edge material size meet the design requirements and construction norms, corner neat, smooth.


3-1, surface roughness: control in 4MM, using the 2M inspection on foot;


3-2, straight seam lattice: control in 3MM, according to the shortage of 5M cable inspection, 5M, pull line check;


3-3, adjacent sector between the level of control in check: 2MM4, edge angle and arc processing requirements;


4-1, and edge material interface requirements: cut straight, straight seam for cutting materials, according to 45 degree, 14 control block, splicing;


4-2, arc arc control interface: smooth, rounded, not allowed to appear obvious angle, protruding phenomenon; interface of paving materials, cutting according to the arc length equal isosceles is not allowed to take unilateral lofting, cutting;


4-3, and edge seam construction materials according to the requirements of the third executive.


Granite pavement requirements and details of the deal


, basic requirements:


1, granite and marble surface layer materials: accurate size, tidy corner stitching, tight, straight seam.


2 surface layer and the base must be combined with the firm, no hollowing.


3, surface layer of plate varieties, specifications, grade, shape, smoothness, color and pattern must meet the design requirements.


4, Dali five and granite plate surface plate; squeeze tight, seamless, straight seam no wrong seam, smooth and clean surface, the pattern clear without grinding scratches, surrounding the straight founder.


5, slope meets the design requirements, do not pour flashing, no water, and water with tight and firm, (surface slope of the test should be done to eliminate water splashing, and liquid is qualified)


5, fight broken granite ground color coordination, proper gap plate appearance, moderate size, mostly irregular five edge type, each joint point by no more than three pieces of stone should be free of cracks and grinding grain, smooth surface.


, 6 main standard parameters and inspection methods:


6-1, surface flatness error 1~3mm, by foot and wedge feeler check with 2m;


6-2, straight seam lattice error is no more than 2mm pull 5m line, 5m line and pull through measurement inspection;


6-3, 0.5mm joint height difference measuring error and wedge feeler check;


6-4, plate gap width is less than 2mm scale according to design requirements or inspection.

Granite ground pavement requirements and detail processing




, natural and fine


Fight broken part of nature to the orderly arrangement, material size contrast is not too big, seam uniform specifications, paving part uniform, arc edge is smooth, beautiful, not allowed to appear obvious concavity, stone cutting, tight joints, not allowed to appear uneven stone gap size.


Two, processing corner edge


Corner edge stone according to the length and angle of the arc, setting the scene arrangement after cutting (large size, can provide the radius and angle of arc, custom processing), each material size equal isosceles trapezoid shape processing, does not allow for unilateral cutting form, does not allow small side, small material in the arc segment the phenomenon of.


Three, various forms of combination processing shop


Concentric type pavement:


1, according to the design requirements, the stone with the radius equal arc length processing, maintaining the same radius of favorable stone size specifications, achieve the smooth arc, beautiful; radial alignment and joint seam paving, uniform size.


2, composite materials according to the design requirements of splicing seam control, combination of smooth and natural.


Four, processing pavement face nozzle


Paving the smooth drainage is the key part relates to the engineering quality and service function; set surface drain drainage slope and elevation according to the setting of ground, drainage is arranged at the bottom, the bottom cover plate relative to the surrounding pavement around 5mm; ground water drainage as a unified whole of paving process and construction requirement very high: edge processing is very fine, as shown in Figure: symmetrical cutting materials, and the surrounding material stitching, can be treated as the key construction details.


Five, processing landscape stone and road pavement


Landscape stone as materials on the effect of the setting is not a fixed pattern, mainly reflected in the natural, beautiful. As shown, the combination of the pavement and the pavement can not be deliberately asked for a form. Appear in all forms of nature. The main effect is that the stone was originally here.


Construction requirements granite walls


Wall dry hanging granite


, quality standard


1, decorative stone plate varieties, anti-corrosion, specifications, shape, smoothness, geometric size, smoothness, color and pattern must meet the design requirements;


2, the surface layer and the substrate should be installed firmly; paste materials, dry hanging parts must meet the design requirements and the relevant current national standards, carbon steel fittings must do anti rust and anti-corrosion treatment;


3, surface smooth and clean; parquet correctly, texture clear smooth, uniform color; non full plate arrangement is suitable, yin and Yang corner plate to the right.


4, seam uniform grid, seam smoothness, seam filling density, uniform thickness, no dislocation dislocation.


Around 5, projections on the board to take the whole plate cutting, accurate size, edge match neat, smooth, dado, post insurance is straight.


Two, quality problems


Granite wall construction quality problems and preventive measures


Dry hanging


1, seam uneven, the height difference is too large: mainly is the primary treatment is not good, there is no strict selection of the quality of board, before the installation of the trial spell is not serious, the construction of improper operation, split grouting is too high, easy to cause the outside surface or slate dislocation, resulting in uneven joints, high low high.


: 2, hollowing is mainly caused by the filling and compacting. Such as grouting consistency, the mortar can not flow or because of mesh reinforcement caused by blocking the false and hollowing; such as mortar is too thin, one is likely to cause leakage, or due to water evaporation and the formation of voids hollowing; finally clean gypsum, chiseling force is too large, the vibration plate hollowing; lack of maintenance, premature dehydration that will produce hollowing.


3, cracking:


3-1, some marble stone is poor, color lines, when mounting parts properly, the wall under the space less, are subject to various external influence, appear hidden in color lines or other hidden wounds, irregular cracks.


3-2 inlay wall, cylinder, upper and lower space is small, the structure deformation, the facing stone by the vertical pressure and cracking. Construction shall be carried out after the settlement of the wall, cylinder and bearing structure is stable, especially at the top and bottom. When installing the plate, a certain gap shall be left in case the structure is compressed and the facing stone is directly loaded and cracked.


4, wall collision damage, pollution is mainly due to the bulk by mortar and other dirt contamination during handling and operation, at the end of timely cleaning, or after the installation of the bad product protection. Should be wiped clean, in case the time is too long, pollution surface. In addition, we should also prevent acid, chemical, colored liquid and other direct contact with marble and other surfaces, causing pollution.

5, such as outdoor large area decorated panels, and direct Chaoyang, it is recommended to use dry hanging method construction, both to maintain the original panel clear and beautiful, and will not be due to changes in temperature and produce panels off the accident. Such as traditional wet hanging operation, and suggested that the design should consider setting deformation joint (such as grids or open seam method), to prevent cracks and blocks off due to thermal expansion and contraction, but also suggests there are preventive measures such as anti alkali materials


Construction requirements granite walls


Granite wall wet paste


, quality standard:


1, the decorative panel of the varieties, specifications and colors, patterns, must meet the design requirements of the relevant standards and regulations.


2, decorative panel installation (inlay) must be firmly prohibited, hollowing, no skew, lack of edge off angle and crack.


: 3, surface smooth, clean, color coordinated.


4, filling seams: dense, flat, uniform color, uniform thickness, pressure plate Yin and Yang corner to the right, the use of the site for non full plate.


, 5 sets of cutter with whole plate cutting with neat edges; upper dado, paste face smooth, prominent wall thickness.


Two, quality problems and preventive measures


Fight broken granite walls requirements:


The quality standard of, 1 pieces of granite wall flatness and verticality standard wet paste granite;


2, stone size, in 300mm~500mm, the number of stone of each node by no more than 3 pieces of stone processing, the gap between the uniform control, control in 2mm width error of each 1m2 (or according to the requirement of design); angle reference the practice (or according to the requirement of design)



With the leveling instrument


Waterfall landscape construction requirements


, structural requirements:


1, reinforced the number, location, size, thickness of protection layer should comply with the design requirements and specifications; lap steel bar (anchor), lap length (anchor) location is consistent with the requirements of design and specification; reinforced cushion block number, spacing comply with the design requirements.


The thickness of the structure 2, waterproof concrete meet the design requirements, support system template template through solid; the waterproof layer should use the sealing rod screw, sealing ring size and position shall meet the requirements of design and specification


3, waterproof concrete raw material mix ratio and slump must meet the design requirements; should be in place once the pouring construction joints should not stay; vibration compacting, displacement, failure of pipeline buried; waterproof layer top elevation line.


4, concrete apparent quality acceptance, should be organized to raise water test, raising water time less than 48 hours. During the period of water conservation test, a special person shall be set up to observe the amount of falling of the horizontal plane regularly, and then determine whether the leakage of the waterproof layer meets the requirements according to the temperature and wind speed at that time. (level dropped 8 mm temperature 25 OC.)


Two, waterproof requirements:


1, brushing waterproof layer of the surface of the base, dust and other debris must be cleaned, the surface residual mortar lumps and protrusions should be leveled, sweep, light pressure, yin and Yang Kok should put into arc or obtuse angle.


2, brushing waterproof layer surface should keep dry, and to smooth, firm, no hollowing, cracks and other defects from the sand.


3, the leveling layer at the junction of floor drain, Guan Gen, outlet, and other devices connected to receive the first round of. The slope meets the design requirements. The components must be firmly installed and tightly sealed.


Three, decorative requirements


Meet construction requirements of granite wall and floor


Waterscape construction problems and preventive


1, settlement: primary structure fracture strength is not enough, strengthen the basic construction supervision, construction quality assurance;


2, the water outlet is not uniform: pavement roughness is not up to the requirements, strengthen the pavement quality control, water control error in 1mm, to ensure the uniform;


3, the wall curtain coordinated: processing stone surface roughness (the wrong side kerve depth inconsistent) uneven pavement joint treatment; strengthen the quality control of material, unqualified material determined not to use, to strengthen the quality control of pavement.


4, pool leak: foundation strength is not enough, the defective structure quality, waterproof is not in place; to strengthen the construction quality supervision structure, construction of waterproof concrete surface should be firm, smooth, no exposed tendons, cellular and other defects; for quality, technical performance and all kinds of waterproof materials must conform to the design requirements and regulations the construction standard, must have the use of brochures and quality certification documents. Waterproof coating must be smooth, uniform, no peeling, shell, crack, bubble and other defects.


, 5 stone surface efforescence; granite (marble) side and back to do anti alkali treatment, using special adhesive paste stone. The cracks on the stone surface are made of the same color silica gel joint sealing.


Features steel waterproof construction management


Revetment waterscape construction requirements


Stone material: this has a very important role in the stack. Improper selection, inconsistent with the surrounding environment, will not achieve the desired results. Long term exposure to the surface, the weathering layer has a natural pattern, side and natural water, the revetment rocks "fold folded with cracked" means to do, will appear very natural, because the stone water line and the horizontal line into a parallel line, it feels as if the stone grow naturally in the river and there was a trace of water erosion.


Stone revetment construction, should consider the level of the height. In order to save the stone, usually with rubble or reinforced concrete walls, and revetment rocks on top. The general level of need to go beyond the bottom line revetment rocks around 20cm, even a small amount of water level decline, also are not exposed to the wall. To the level before and after well-proportioned revetment, to import a degree, in order to achieve better effect, sometimes need to put some stones in the water, let the rocks live by water, the revetment rocks more angry. Some people think that is the most easy to do as long as the stone revetment rockery, barge can, in fact. At the end of the Ming Dynasty painter, gardener Ji Cheng once said "by man, Wan since opening day, when we put the revetment rocks with surrounding environment organically integrated, our purpose is reached.


Fold suzhou.luzhi stone should also consider the shape, texture, color and revetment etc.. There are mountains and Angeles, platform, stepping, col, mountain, mountain, mountain, mountain, waterfall, waterfall and so on the other mountain. These are all sorts of strange things shape of nature, we should put these people into the essence of the landscape space, making landscape need material, and fully display the charm of the natural landscape.


1, clearance should remove the stones, retaining wall surface dirt, rust and other impurities, cleaning water if necessary.


2, according to the marginal slope slope line construction design to adapt to the local change of the lake, which has ups and downs and the change of lake. In general after shaping, the two step of lime soil mixing and compaction of 1:3, as the foundation stone revetment.


3, stone placed in the test set the stone where the spread of 80 ~ 100mm thick sand, in order to reduce the damage of corner stone. According to the needs of the environment landscape, select the better ornamental surface of stone to display. Strive to use the best face of each stone.


4, mortar modulation in determining the good ornamental stone, the Longmen open frame or artificial stone laying mortar, mortar should be 20~30mm thick, mortar should be full, there are no contact phenomenon between the stone.


5, pointing and powder dense seams should be built, as with scratch slot, scratch slot depth of 10 ~ 15mm depth, the walls are cleaned. The exposed part selects the corresponding stone powder close seam, in order to reduce the human work mark.


Natural stone retaining wall construction


The certificate check 1, cement and other raw materials and re inspection report; quality and dimension inspection of natural rocks of the stone table, not too small, too large and round, the exposed surface of the stone diameter should be 300 mm to 600 mm in between.


Cement mortar construction process of cross contamination rocks on the surface of the wall, 2 in immediately cleared; drainage of retaining wall foundation shall be smooth, prevent the construction process or after the completion of the foundation soil moisture content is too high, causing instability in the retaining wall; backfill guarantee masonry strength meets the demand, and control the height of backfill. Backfill to prevent lateral pressure caused by excessive wall collapse; the masonry strength does not meet the design requirements, the inner side of the retaining wall shall not concentrate load or by large vehicles or machinery.