Summary Of Marble

Marble, also known as marble, is recrystallized limestone, the main component is CaCO 3. Limestone is softened at high temperature and high characteristics of marble blue sea pressure and recrystallized to form marble when the minerals are contained. The main ingredient is calcium and dolomite, a lot of color, usually a clear pattern, a lot of mineral particles. Mohs hardness between 2.5 and 5. Because marble generally contains impurities, and calcium carbonate in the atmosphere by carbon dioxide, carbide, water vapor role, but also easy to weathering and erosion, leaving the surface soon lost luster.

Marble generally physical properties are relatively soft, which is relative to the granite in terms of. In the interior decoration, TV countertops, windowsill, indoor floor, etc. suitable for use of marble. Marble is the name of the commodity, not the definition of rock. Marble is a natural building decorative stone of a large category, generally refers to a decorative function, can be processed into a building stone or handicrafts have been bad or not metamorphic carbonate rocks. It is from China's Yunnan Dali City Cangshan produced by the brilliant color and pattern of stone named. Marble refers to marble, limestone, dolomite, and carbonate rocks formed by different alteration of skarn and marble, etc.

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