What is semi precious stone slabs

What is semi precious stone slabs

It is incredible how a gem, whose shape has lasted 240 million years, can transform your home in an instant. Whether as a work of art on walls, worktops or floors: these semi-precious stones withstand daily wear and tear. Like any natural stone, they should be cleaned, but the same care that applies to granite care is also applied to them. 

What is semi precious stone slabs

Blue semi precious stone slab

What is semi precious stone slabs

Artificial Agate Stone Slab

If you have a budget to install a semi-precious stone countertop, don't hesitate to do so if you love the look. You can use it to create animal print patterns on your countertops, or keep the decoration of the surrounding walls to an absolute minimum by opting for a simple white or black color scheme with a little color in between. 

What is semi precious stone slabs

Artificial Yellow Agate Stone Slab

What is semi precious stone slabs

Semi Precious Stone Slab

Visit our world class showroom Subiaco today and if you want to install a gem stone or a stone and gemstone tile in your house, please book one of our specialists or book yourself.


We encourage you to visit  to personally view our selection of semi-precious stones. We also have photos on our website that you can browse at any time, and of course we are always happy to give you more information about our spectacular semi-precious stones and slabs. Today we want to see some of the beautiful semi-precious slates we have


This natural, colourful stone, which is mainly made of minerals such as jadeite, acmite, quartz and plagioclase, has been specially treated and coloured to maintain its wondrous appearance. The gemstone worktop is not only unique and attractive, but also stain-free, easy to clean and a good choice for use as a decorative item in the home or office. This beautiful semi-precious stone plate made of Hara Stones is a beautiful bed with gold, silver, copper, platinum, diamonds and other precious metals.


In addition, the variety of colors and structures that can be found in agate stone allows you to enhance your interior design and create a unique living look. Similar to kitchen islands, this LED backlit agate bathroom countertop is an eye-catcher and will enhance the beauty of your room, whether in your bathroom, kitchen or even living room. 


It is also scratch and stain resistant and is also known to create a hostile environment for pathogenic microbes and bacteria. Consider using this semi-precious stone as an accent, though this splendor is not practical for many homeowners to use for a countertop. For example, you could embed accents of antique blue agate in the marble backsplash to lift it to breathtaking heights. Also consider an environmentally friendly option, as the process of extracting and cutting the stone produces little waste. 


As shown on the picture below, a marble worktop with an antique blue agate worktop and a stone slab with white stone base. 


Blue Agate is available in large plates, and the grays usually make a brown or taupe impression on this beautiful plate. Depending on the variety, there is a green ball in the backlit areas of your house. 


If you consider it a work of art or a feature that sparks debate, it makes sense to invest in semi-precious stones, even if they are outside the homeowner's budget. Whether it's a beauty in the room or a value creation for your home, it's worth the price. Some of the more expensive exotic granite slabs are more than twice as expensive as the standard granite slabs.


After all, with such an enormously unique selection, there are certainly some incredible stones worthy of an individualistic house. After all this, these are just some of the incredible stone selections available on the market today, and they are all incredible stones that are suitable for an individualistic home.


From kitchen counters and quartz and granite vanity tops to marble bathroom floors, it is worth spending time and money on the services of a stonemason who offers a wide range of high quality stones. At TGP, customers can be sure that not only are our semi-precious stone slabs incredibly beautiful, but we believe they are made from some of the toughest materials in the world, making them an excellent choice for any renovation project. We control every plate we import and our dealers have a reputation for offering high quality and good value. Customers can also rely on T GP to ensure a high level of quality control over the quality of their plates.


Bernini Stone & Tile is proud to have been in the industry for over 30 years and we are committed to the quality of our products. Our high quality stone-to-stone manufacturing process allows us to forge the highest quality stones available for a wide range of interior and exterior projects.


Bernini Stone & Tile offers a wide range of semi-precious stone slabs available in a wide range of colours and finishes. We also supply white petrified wood stones, which also appear, as well as other precious stones such as gold, silver and bronze.

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